This is the #1 eating habit for rapid weight loss.

A new study has confirmed that intermittent fasting is one of the most highly efficient method for losing weight and keeping it off. Fasting has slowly gained popularity because it does not require participants to restrict their food choices in any way, instead, the focus becomes when you eat, not what you eat. Read that again. When you practice fasting, you can eat whatever you want. There is no need to count calories, measure or weigh food, or keep track of points. A solid Fasting Plan will also help you with hacks to make fasting easier, like the trick of lining up your fasting window (the period of time when you aren’t eating food) to partially overlap with when you sleep, so that you are sleeping through a good part of your fast. 


If you hate diets that are full of rules, restrictions, calorie counting etc, a Fasting Plan optimized for women will feel like an incredible breath of fresh air. 

With a long list of benefits, a fasting plan is definitely an eating approach to consider. Here is a full article reviewing the fasting benefits for women

Fasting for women

According to Medscape, researchers examined 21 different studies in a review published in Nature Reviews: Endocrinology and discovered that fasting is a highly effective way for women to lose weight. 

Using trials ranging in length from five to twelve weeks and involving anywhere from ten to 150 primarily American participants, researchers discovered that following a proper Fasting Plan designed for women’s bodies "can all produce a 8-10 percent weight loss in just 8 to 12 weeks."

8-10% of your Bodyweight is a significant amount of weight to lose, and will make a noticeable positive change in your appearance. 

Fasting for women

"These findings are impressive, and I am glad that studies like this are being conducted," says Trista Best, a Registered Dietitian at Balance One Supplements, Environmental Health Specialist, and Adjunct Nutrition Professor.

"The benefits of fasting go far beyond weight loss," Best adds, "but these studies lay a great foundation to encourage would-be fad dieters to move away from these types of diets and participate in fasting as a safe and sustainable means of weight loss."

Best explains what people should do if they want to use fasting to lose weight successfully and safely in a relatively short period of time "When fasting, it is critical to consume a variety of nutritious foods during your eating window. It may be tempting to go longer without eating or to consume fewer calories than necessary during an eating window. This, however, will result in a slowed metabolism, a weight loss plateau, and, eventually, rebound weight gain."

Fasting Plans for Women

“It’s incredibly important that women who are interested in fasting follow a Fasting Plan specifically designed for women so they don’t fall into the pitfalls and common mistakes that are common for newbies. There are hormonal factors at play that don’t impact men, and it’s not simply a matter of copying plans for men.”

When it comes to using a fasting method to keep weight off for a longer period of time, Best notes that it does work "Fasting can be used for weight loss over time, as well as for a variety of other health benefits. Fasting is a temporary calorie restriction that is replaced in a shorter period of time.

Fasting benefits for weight loss
As a result, it differs from fad diets, which require long-term, unsustainable calorie restriction, resulting in rebound weight gain."

If you have been struggling with your diet and would like to give fasting a try, you can check out our Intermittent Fasting Plan for women here. The Fasting Plan also includes a full version of the plan specifically for men, that you can share with a family member, friend or loved one. 





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