This is what a real woman's body looks like - and it's beautiful.

Hi BodyRockers,

This week on our social we explored themes of body positivity and body acceptance. We presented brave women who are normalizing what real bodies look like, without filters, or photoshop, or any of the other fakery that is presented as normal and real. The out pouring of positive comments was amazing to see and feel. Many women identified with the images as finally being representative of what 'real' human bodies look like, and thousands found beauty and self acceptance in the photos. 



Things got a little heated when we explored wether or not beauty standards were now a matter of socioeconomic class, and something only available to the elite and ultra-rich. We deconstructed a popular internet meme that prominently features the Kardashians. Before you get too pissed off at the meme, please make sure that you read the caption. The comments section turned into a bit of a brawl, but a good debate was had by all. 


Asking if people felt that the media has focused too much on Adele's weight loss and not her new Album brought out some really interesting perspectives on how judged women are no matter what they choose for themselves. It's an important but difficult conversation, and we should have maybe put a trigger warning up. This conversation inspired a lot of divergent opinions. 


Make sure that you follow us on instagram via any of the links above to stay connected to the top fitness and wellness stories of the day, and to add your voice to the conversation. We want to start turning the tide against impossible beauty standards by encouraging dialogue that runs counter to the obscene manipulations that are taking place, largely at the expense of our common sense.   

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