This Might Be the First Mother's Day You Actually Hate Your Kids

This Might Be the First Mother's Day You Actually Hate Your Kids

Of course, nobody hates their kids. At least not at night. Or when they're watching tv. Or when they're outside digging in who knows WHAT part of the garden this time.

Quarantine has been one of the best and worst things that has ever happened to families. As therapist Esther Perel has famously said, COVID-19 is a "relationship accelerator." Couples who were heading for divorce are getting there real quick, and couples who are willing to work on what is wrong in their relationship are finding they can make huge strides towards closeness.

The dynamic between parents at this time is having an enormous effect on our kids. Not only that, the accelerator principle applies to our relationships with our children as well. Behavioural issues that you can normally take in stride, and may even work themselves out over time, are suddenly NEEDING YOUR ATTENTION now, this very minute. If you have more than one child, you know what sheer mayhem looks like. You find yourself longing for the days when you had normal stress. Before you found yourself locking yourself in the bathroom for a good cry.

And now it's Mother's Day. Whooopeee.

Maybe this means you will have one day to sit and read a book? (While you listen to shrieking in the background that gives you a knot in your stomach.)

Maybe this means you will have someone else prepare all the meals? (Which means that this someone will visit several stores over the course of the day on Saturday, leaving you with extra childcare duties and possibly contaminating your entire household with a killer virus.)

We're not going to sugar coat it. You are more tapped out, more drained, more crabby, more bloated, and less happy to be a Mom this Mother's Day than ever before.'s the thing.

You can change this all around. It won't happen overnight. It won't happen easily. It IS probably going to mean that you have to set your alarm clock for an unholy hour, OR it will mean you have to TAKE YOUR PARTNER ASIDE and have a serious talk about the fact that even if they are working, they are getting a break from the kids.

You deserve some time away from your kids.

You deserve to take a stand for what you need to survive this pandemic.

You deserve to put yourself first, and you deserve to have your entire family put you first by leaving you the hell alone for an hour a day.

Even just one hour. Imagine.

We are a fitness, health and wellness company. But we are also Moms, Sisters, Daughters, and Co-Parents. For all of us women out there on this Mother's Day...

This is your wake up call.

Nobody, unfortunately, is going to stand up for your one hour a day except you.

Here's one more reason:

Your kids will notice. Remember the phrase: "Your children only know what you can show." Telling them to be better humans is going to do absolutely nothing.

Show them that we all have to advocate for what we need. Show them that it's important to recharge. Show them you need to do your yoga, HIIT, your run, or your lifting.

Show them that eating healthy foods means you have more calm, focused energy. Show them that when you bite into a piece of fruit, you feel just as happy or more than if you were eating sickly sweet candy.

Show them that when you run and jump and play, you are happier and you have more energy, and more patience for the people around you. Show them that working out isn't just for you, it's for everyone you live with.

You can show a new path for everyone in your household. YOU can be the Trailblazer here. If you are not ready yet, that's ok. Be good to yourself in some way this Mother's Day.

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