Top 10 Most Effective Pieces of Home Fitness Equipment

You've decided to start building your own home gym. Right on! You're on the way to solidifying a no excuses, convenient as hell, life-changing exercise regime. Now, you just have to decide what equipment to welcome into your happy, healthy home.

There's a lot to choose from, and while some may argue that what gear you need depends on your goal, our decades of sweating it out have shown us that, across the board, there's a handful of gear that will benefit anyone of any fitness level with any objective.

This is the gear that's as hard-working as you, providing versatile, tough, no-nonsense results that gain grow with your gains. No fads. No BS. Keep reading. Here's the top 10 most effective pieces of home workout equipment.

  1. Dumbbells

We’ll start with a classic. Dumbbells are wonderful for beginners and advanced fitfreaks alike, allowing you build lean muscle mass. They are wonderful for isolated moves, like bicep curls, combination movements, like Arnold Presses and they help you create a more balanced body by helping you train each side of your body, separately.

Try this!

Arnold Press


  1. Challenger Bars

Challenger Bars are a staple in any home gym  — or they should be. Allowing you to easily master incline and decline moves, as well as dips and pull-ups, these parallel bars help you make the most of gravity, and your own bodyweight. You can also use them for agility moves, as well as load bearing unilateral exercises like Bulgarian Split Squats.

Try this:

Reverse Pull-Up

  1. Barbell

No home gym is complete without a barbell. Whether you use a classic design like our Sculpt Bar or a more recently inspired innovation like our BodyBar with 8 locking grips for more training versatility. Dumbbells are great, but the barbell is a fantastic way to take on heavier weights, safely.

Try this!

Goodmorning + Squat

  1. Stability Ball

This bouncy piece of fitness gear is great for so many kinds of training. From weights, to yoga, to core-targeted moves to pregnancy training and post-injury exercises, the stability ball can make your routine as easy or hard as you like it. Use it for wall squats to perfect your form, or ab pikes to shred your stomach, or use it as an office chair to improve your posture as you work. Just use the damn thing. You'll be glad you did.

  1. Yoga Mat

Even if you have no intention of doing yoga (though, you should; even a little), a yoga mat is an essential piece of equipment for stretching and floor work. It gives you a no-slip place to stretch out your quads, or smash your abs in that core workout.

  1. HIIT Timer

Timing is everything, and a interval timer will keep you focused and on-track. Unlike the timer on your phone, which is (let's face it) a distraction when you workout, a HIIT timer allows you to set your intervals and go. No need to even look at the time: beeps alert you to start and stop your interval, and durable, water-resistant design means it can keep up during even the most intense sweat 'sesh.

  1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are not only affordable, compact and lightweight, but they also provide seriously heavy hitting gains. Thank the continuous resistance, which (unlike other types of weights) forces your muscles to work during the full range of motion. There's no break, no mercy, and no reason you shouldn't bring home bands of your own.

Our faves: The Pink Thing, Core Bands & the BodyRock Booty Bands  — or get them all in the Band Bundle.

Try this!

Pink Thing Star Abs

  1. Weighted Vest

The weighted vest offers hands-free training at it's finest, allowing you to power up plyos and max out standard load-bearing compound movements for enhanced fat burns, and more lean gains. Available in a range of weights (6lbs to 12 lbs), there's a vest for any fitness level.

  1. Kettlebells

Ooooh boy. We love kettlebells  — and with good reason! This classic piece of workout gear never gets out, providing a less uniform and more real-life ready form of resistance training than dumbbells. (After all, those grocery bags aren't packed evenly.) Kettlebells also allow you to more readily swing them during moves, thanks to their specially designed grips, so you can reap the rewards of using them to strengthen muscles as well as ligaments during fluid, multi-joint movements.

Read more about the benefits of kettlebell training here.

Try this:

Single Arm Swing

  1. Weighted Skipping Rope

Finally, we're talking high-intensity cardio training, without the traditional boring AF cardio equipment. Save your money and a whole lot of space and forgo a treadmill. Pick up a weighted skipping rope and enjoy the crazy gains of jumping rope. Not only is skipping an insanely good form of cardio, but it also builds total body strength, agility and coordination  — and the more you have of these, the harder you can push in your workouts and the more results you'll see.

Why the weight? It provides more control, for more effective and beneficial skipping.

Now, stop reading and start turning your body goals into a reality. Shop our Make Your Luck Sale and score sweet deals on three special bundle offers.


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