Trans Athletes In the headlines.

At BodyRock, we believe that fitness is a basic human right. We support all bodies in movement, no matter the size, shape, colour, creed or gender. We support health, and wellness for all. 

We don’t pretend to have all of the answers here, but we do believe in having open dialogue and respectful communication, even when conversations are difficult. 

We’ve been following the headlines around transgender athletes, and it seems to us that the media is largely exploiting the polarization around this issue to incite anger on both sides of the divide. 

Given our belief that fitness is a basic human right, we believe that all athletes should have the right, and opportunity to compete and let their spirits shine. This includes trans athletes. 

The question that needs to be answered is this:

How do we as compassionate human beings allow all of our athletes to compete in a way that is fair, and fully recognizes that human spirit in each of us? How do we come together, so that everyone is recognized and included, without forcing any of the participants to be unfairly treated? What is the compassionate way forward?

Sometimes, when you don’t have the answers, it’s better to listen. We want to invite you into a respectful dialogue. Please try not to be reactive. Let’s be open to listen to both sides of this conversation. If anything should be able to bring us together, it’s fitness and sport. Let’s remember that. 

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So why do we not see trans men who were formerly women competing in mens’ sports? Because they do not stand a chance against biological men.

Of course, someone who was born a man is going to have an edge when “she” competes against biological women.

Nat December 10, 2021

We have biological male and female Olympics. We have special Olympics.
Why not have a co-ed Olympics. There is no other way to keep the odds even. I believe though that doing so would create a natural divide in ability levels likely based on dna linked to biological gender, but as a test it would answer some questions.

Deda December 09, 2021

I am a registered nurse of 22 years. My understanding of the human body assists me in the following opinion: If trans want to compete in any sport, my suggestion is that competition be amongst trans athletes only.

Denise Curtis December 09, 2021

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