Try the Intermittent Fasting Workout For Fat Loss You Can Do At-Home


Intermittent fasting (IF) already supports incredible fat loss and lean muscle gains, but combine this with a home workout made for IF, and you've got a killer combo that will accelerate your results.

What is intermittent fasting?

IF involves using short, sustainable periods of fasting (most commonly, 16 hours) combined with shorter periods of eating (8 hours) to lose fat, gain muscle, balance hormones, sleep better and live happier. IF does NOT involve starving yourself.  During your eight hour eating window, you have to eat everything you need to eat to support your nutritional needs. That means if you need to eat 2,200 calories a day, you need to eat them all in eight hours. During your fasting window, you can drink water, black tea or coffee, but nothing with any caloric value. 

If you're interested in learning how to intermittent fast, we've got you covered. You can pick up our Fast & Furiously Fit ebook, which gives you all the science-back intel, as well as 40+ amazing recipes to maximize your results. Because IF is less about what you eat as when you eat, there is no food that's completely off the table. Of course, you should always aim to fuel your body with clean, whole healthy foods, but IF doesn't strictly prohibit eating or drinking anything. Burgers, tacos, ribs, ice cream, brownies: you can enjoy them. (And we have recipes for them in the ebook! Use promo code FASTED30 for $30 off.)

Now, to the workout. This insanely good, total body sculpting and fat blasting fasting workout is from BodyRock Trainer Sean Light's popular Fast & Furiously Fit series. 

Fast & Furiously Fit—Season Two, Episode One  

Join BodyRock Trainer Sean Light and smash this 23 minute intermittent fasting home workout. It only takes a little time, and if you give it your all, promises massive results. 

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