Try These 3 Fat Blasting Workplace Workouts

We get it: life is busy and carving out time to workout from home can be almost as challenging as carving out time to haul ass to the gym. Enter: our workplace workouts! In just 20 minutes with minimal or NO equipment, you can get an amazing total body workout. Considering working out has been shown to improve your mood, focus, concentration and productivity (not to mention all those sexy, sculpted physical perks) adding a workout into your workday could make you a better boss or employee. Either way, everyone wins with our workplace workouts

Workplace Workout Equipment List:

Booty Bands

Core Bands

Yoga mat

Weighted Vest 

Pink Thing


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And like we said, you don't need this gear, but you will get more from your workplace workouts when you use resistance. Resistance will help you build more lean muscle mass, and muscle takes more energy to fuel than fat, so the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you torch. How much? A pound of muscle takes ~10 calories per day to sustain. A pound of fat only takes ~3. Those are some compelling numbers--especially if your job requires that you sit on your ass most of the day. Every little bit of fat burning power can help you get closer to your fit goals. 

Let's get to it! Do each of these moves 5 times through, working for 50 seconds and resting for 10 seconds. 

The Total Body Burnout

Squat & Drop 


Notes on form: Keep your spine straight and flat. Also keep the weight of the movement in your heels and move slowly, using your muscles (not momentum) to power the move.

Curtsy Lunge + Hip Flex 

Booty Bands

Notes on form: Alternate sides, doing one leg, then the other. Also be sure not to rush this movement: don’t dawdle, but be sure you’re nailing form.

Kettlebell Pass Throughs 


Notes on form: Keep your core engaged throughout this movement and your chest lifted. 

Spider Push-Up

Weighted Vest

Notes on form: Drop to your knees, use the wall or do a standard push-up if this variation is too challenging. You want to push yourself, but you should be able to complete the movement at least the first round through. Maintain a flat spine and do not allow your hips to sag toward the floor.

The Cardio Core Workplace Workout

Jump Squats

Weighted Vest

Notes on form: Keep your chest lifted, your spine long and flat and push up from your heels while also sinking back down into them upon impact. Take out the jump if this move hurts your joints.

Reverse Abs

Pink Thing

Notes on form: Engage your core by tucking your belly-button into your spine. Do not allow your back to arch up off the floor.

Fast Feet Drop

Weighted Vest

Notes on form: Move as quickly as you can while still maintaining control--if not dignity.

Standing Back Kick

Booty Bands

Notes on form:  Keep a soft bend in the supporting leg as you kick back. Engage your core throughout the movement and keep your chest lifted.

The Triple ‘A’ Workplace Workout (Arms, Ass and Abs!)

Squats + Pull-Down

Core Bands

Notes on form: Keep your chest lifted and your weight into your heels as you squat down and push up.

Kneeling Thrusts

Weighted Vest & Core Band


Notes on form: Really focus on squeezing your glutes as you reach the top of this movement. 

Star Abs

Pink Thing & Weighted Vest

Notes on form: Engage your core by tucking your belly-button into your spine. Do not allow your back to arch up off the floor.

Pink Thing Curls 

Pink Thing

Notes on form: Adjust the Pink Thing as necessary so you are working against a challenging, but doable, resistance. Stand tall and engage your core: do not let the resistance band pull you forward. 

Did you do ‘em? How do you feel? Tell us what you thought of our workplace workouts in the comments. Or, tag us in pictures or videos of you doing the workouts on Facebook or Instagram

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Thank you for work out. Do u have others, I can do with the bands work out

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