Try This Cardio Leg Workout to Burn Major Calories

Cardio leg workouts are one of the best ways to burn calories, fast. Not only will you burn calories during the workout, but when you add resistance to the moves, you fire up your post-exercise caloric burn.


Thank post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This afterburn effect is a biological reaction that requires your body to increase its need for oxygen and burn more calories even when you're workout is done. Think of it like your car: even when you turn off the engine, it's still hot.

Learn more: The Science Behind How EPOC Helps You Burn More Calories Post-Workout. 

Since your lower body includes your biggest and longest fat-burning muscles, a workout that combines cardio with high-intensity resistance training is the perfect way to max out your caloric burn--and you don't have to exercise for hours, either. 

In under 35 minutes, you can be on your way to building stronger, sexier, and leaner legs. 

Ready to start? BodyRock Trainer Sean is going to show you how it's done. Just press play!

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Gear Used:


Step Riser

Yoga Mat

Sculpt Bar

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