Twisting Moves for a More Sculpted Core

One of the best things about HIIT workouts is that they train your body on multiple levels and on multiple planes. You push. You pull. You lift. You lower. You move side-to-side and front-to-back. You also twist. However, sometimes, you don’t twist as much as you should.

Twisting moves improve core strength and stability  — especially in those difficult to train obliques (or ‘love handles’) thereby improving your overall aesthetic and functional prowess. Performing twisting exercises regularly will also reduce your risk of injury by preparing you for the twisting and turning movements of real life. Loading and unloading groceries, carrying kids, moving furniture, raking the lawn, shovelling the driveway, landscaping: twisting exercises help prepare your body for life.

We have a handful of twisting moves we really love, and we credit them with some pretty impressive core gains. Which moves are we talking about?

These ones. Do them yourself in a killer core circuit, or add one or two to the end of your next workout for a two-minute max-out. Either way, if you do them properly, regularly, and work to the full-extent of your ability (i.e. don’t wimp out!), you will see and feel incredible, sculpted results.

Kneeling Landmine

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  • Keep twist controlled and engage core throughout the movement.
  • Keep spine long and flat.
  • Keep chest lifted
  • Keep knees slightly wider than hip-width apart for good stabilization.

Reverse Lunge Rotations

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  • Keep twist controlled  — don’t jerk your torso around!
  • Keep spine long and flat
  • Stand straight, chest lifted & shoulders rolled down and back

Hip Thrust + Sandbag Twist

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  • Squeeze glutes up
  • Keep soft bend in elbow
  • Ensure twist is slow and controlled

Spider Push-Up + Oblique Twist

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  • Keep core engaged  — belly-button pulled up and into spine
  • Don’t rush the movement  — form is the more important than the number of reps
  • Focus on the twisting move as you move to your oblique plank  — engage core and use it to drive the twist!

Will these moves guarantee you a stronger core? Yes! Definitely. If you do these exercises regularly, you will definitely get a stronger core. However, no exercises will guarantee you visible muscle definition anywhere on your body if you are not eating properly. All your hard work will be hidden under fat. So, smash out these circuit, but also ensure your diet is clean, healthy and balanced. Need help? Pick up our new nutrition guide and meal plan for 70+ recipes and hundreds of healthy eating hacks.

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