Vera Wang, Aged 70, Just Broke The Internet

Superstar fashion designer, Vera Wang, has a body at 70 that many women in their 20s would envy. Stuck in quarantine, like all of us, she nevertheless donned her heels and took some selfies showing skin.

At almost 71 years of age, her flat tummy and general muscle tone made the world stand up and say "How!?"

Wang has always been her own person setting herself apart from traditions and trends, with pieces like her orange wedding dress and mask combo for pandemic weddings, or announcing that owns a deep freezer just for ice cream.

When she posted these pics, above, the world asked about her diet, her workouts, her lifestyle, and she dismissed all queries with this one response, which will go down in history:

"Work, sleep, a Vodka cocktail, and not much sun."

So, as we are experts in nutrition and metabolism, strength training and mobility, we can look at this woman's physique and know immediately that there is more going on here.

We don't see a skinny wraith here, who may have been neglecting her health by working too much and drinking hard liquor. We see a woman who has a few tricks up her sleeve: tricks she may not want to reveal.

Let's reveal 'em, shall we?

This just in: Vera Wang works out.

We know this, because she has a personal trainer and posted pics of herself working out on her IG account.

Using weights in repetitive sets, and having a trainer teach you about workout your pecs versus delts versus biceps, is key to having a physique that works in a cyclical loop: the fewer muscles you ignore, the more lean muscle you build, which increases your ability to burn more calories, which reduces fat storage, which gives you more stamina so you can work your muscles for longer periods of time per session, which builds more muscle, etc.

HOT TIP: You don't need a personal trainer to teach you this if you follow online workouts led by trainers who provide this information at the start of every workout!

Vera Wang is telling us to not take ourselves too seriously. This is her main impact, and it's a good one. We need to eat well, sleep well, and relax as often as possible. Work hard, yes, but still have cheat days. Eat whole foods rather than processed foods, but ice cream every now and then is not the end of the world! At BodyRock, we don't insist on a rigid, disciplined system. You need to find a schedule and lifestyle that works for you.

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Wow, she is amazing, Ernestine Shepherd. I also think though that genetics have a lot to do with it. I work out, have been for years, eat right, and am 61. I look good for 61, but not at all as good as Ernestine Shepherd or Vera Wang. I am really impressed with Ernestine Shepherd. Wow!!

Robbin May 23, 2020

Vera is slim but doesn’t look healthy. She looks amazing for age 70 but if you really want a “oh Snap” moment look up Ernestine Shepherd, 83 year old body builder, you will be blown away.

kimberly berry May 23, 2020

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