Vest is Best: 4 Fat Blasting Ab Exercises, ONE Piece of Equipment

When it comes to getting a great workout at any fitness level, simplicity is key. That's why the weighted vest is by far one of our favourite pieces of fitness equipment. You'll see us wearing it in just about every workout. Why? Because hand-down, it gives the ultimate hands-free workout for your whole body. Just snap it on, and jump, lunge, push, pull, squat and run to your heart's content with the added resistance that's essential to building that fat-blasting lean muscle mass.

And, if you've tuned in to more than a smattering of our workouts, you'll also notice we love using the weighted vest for targeted ab exercises. The reason is twofold: as we already said, it's simple to use. Just clip it and crush your workout. It also adds 6-12 lbs of resistance to your upper body, which means your abs have to work harder to perform even the most basic ab exercises. So, even if you're new to training, you can add one unassuming but hard-hitting piece of gear to your workouts and make leaps and bounds with your gains.

If you want to see these undeniable results for yourself, first, get a vest. Next up, try these amazing ab exercises. Add one to your next routine, or do them as a circuit. 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Perform the circuit 4 times through.

Push Up Cross Touches

Notes on technique:

Drop to your knees for the push-up, then up to the plank for the cross touch.

Keep back flat & hips parallel with the floor

Pull belly button into your spine

Squat with Hip Flex

Notes in technique:

Sink down as deeply as you can into your heels.

Keep your chest lifted and back flat.

Push up from your heels & keep your knees behind your toes.

Lemon Crusher Crunch

Notes on technique:

Keep your core engaged the entire time

Maintain a flat back  — especially your lower back! Don’t let it arch up

Side Obliques

Notes on technique:

Keep your belly button tucked into your spine to engage core

Move with control  — don’t rush through the movement

What are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your best body with the help of this amazing and versatile piece of equipment. Get your weighted vest today - or get two or three! At this price, you can level up as you get fitter, or, since ‘tis the season to give, you can grab one as a gift!