Weight Training vs. Bodyweight Training: Which Is Better?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: which is better, weight training or bodyweight training? The answer is it depends on your fitness goals.

We understand that answer itself may be vague, but the reality is bodyweight training, and weight training have different benefits. Bodyweight or callisthenics is excellent for any fitness level. It can recruit many muscle groups, while weight training is ideal for muscle development — but there’s more to it.

So let’s line up these exercises and figure out which one is best for you! Better yet, cue up BodyRock+ and see for yourself!

Weight Training

If your fitness goal is all about the gains, you need weights, like our BodyRock Hex Dumbbells.


The entire purpose of weight training is to gain muscle. However, there are some other benefits associated with resistance training, such as:

  • Added Strength: By the time you hit 30, your muscle mass declines, so strength training is a must to help maintain your muscles. Improving your strength also makes performing everyday activities much easier — like opening a pickle jar. There are two types of strength training:

    • Isometric: The contraction of muscles against a hard surface, like a push-up.

    • Isotonic: The contraction of muscles using a full range of motion, like lifting weights.

  • Calorie Torcher: Exercise boosts your metabolism. Weight training requires a lot of energy expenditure during your workout; however, what’s interesting is it’ll continue to shred the same amount of calories post-workout. Additional calories burned can also help you lose any unwanted weight. Check out Tone & Torch at BodyRock+ for some calorie-torching!

  • Better Balance and Coordination: As with any exercise, weight training is hugely beneficial in improving your balance and coordination — at any age.
  • Combats Mood Disorders: Got stress? No problem, pick up some BodyRock Hex Dumbbells and help alleviate anxiety and depression naturally. The secret to weight training's mood uplifting success is it increases endorphins which boosts your mood and may even help you sleep better at night. 


Some of the drawbacks associated with weight training are:

  • Costly: Retrofitting your home with a home gym or buying a gym membership adds up quickly, making weight training a more expensive — but seriously worth it — option.
  • Risk of Injury: As soon as you add resistance, there is a chance of injury. As you add weight, it becomes easier to injure yourself; this could be due to poor form or too much weight. 

The good news is that BOTH of these obstacles can be easily overcome by shopping sales, like the one we have on now at our store, buying inexpensive and versatile equipment (like dumbbells and resistance bands), and following along with a personal trainer, like our trainers in our BR+ classes—and you can get a month of free classes when you sign up here).

Bodyweight Training

There’s a bevy of benefits to bodyweight training, it’s easy to start, convenient, and you’ve probably already done it before. Some of the most common bodyweight movements are:

  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Jumping Jacks


There are so many perks to bodyweight training, such as:

  • Full Body Workout: Within the fitness industry, you'll hear a lot about the benefits of compound movements as bodyweight training taps your whole body during each workout. You can squeeze a calorie-torching workout into a short period of time using bodyweight because it activates all of your major muscle groups.

  • Improved Flexibility and Balance: Bodyweight training is an excellent choice if you’re looking to improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination. By performing compound movements, you strengthen your ligaments, tendons and muscles, which improves your balance and helps prevent injury.
  • Convenient: Skip the gym, whether you’re on vacation, in the backyard or wherever, you can pull up a BodyRock+ Series and get in a quick workout. Another huge perk is you don’t need any equipment; you just show up with a winning attitude and kick it.

  • Workout Variety: One of the fantastic things about bodyweight training vs. weight training is that you have some serious workout variety. You can try BodyRock+ Yoga for some you time, Stretch + Mobility for some quality stretching, or Stay Safe for a sweat-a-thon!
  • Compatible with Any Fitness Level: Bodyweight training is good for everybody regardless of your current fitness level! When you begin, you’ll notice push-ups on your knees may be your jam, but as you progress, you’ll slide into a full-body push-up; your workout adapts with your fitness level. 


The biggest drawback to bodyweight training vs. weight training is that it’s hard to build a ton of muscle just using your body. However, added resistance via BodyRock Hex Dumbbells or BodyRock Pink Thing can help add some meat to your muscle. Still, if you’re in it for cardio, mobility training and sculpting your physique, bodyweight may be enough to satisfy your fitness expectations.

Weight Training vs. Bodyweight Training

The battle of weight training vs. bodyweight training isn’t won based on popularity; instead, it comes down to your fitness expectations — do you want to bulk up, or are you more interested in just being active?

The best part: there’s no wrong answer. Additionally, your answer may change as your fitness level changes too, and that’s a-okay!

If you’re looking for some fitness motivation or a HIIT New Series join the fam and tune into BodyRock+ for all the latest workout series!

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