What Really Happens When Women Lift Weights

Ditch the phrase "bulk up" from your vocabulary and see what happens when women lift weights.

Hey girl - jump down off of that cardio machine and start moving some serious weight. Lifting heavy is the key to building metabolism-revving muscle, looking stronger than ever before (and feeling it too!), all while achieving those sexy slimming results you crave!

It Gives You Life Changing Confidence

"I've been doing BodyRock Strength Training Bootcamps for just over two years now, and I have never felt more confident or capable than when lifting. My arms have visible muscle separation; my glutes are much tighter too! Plus the squats and lower body exercises make your legs look great. The tone and definition I've developed in my legs and thighs have totally transformed the way that I look and feel"
"Lifting has not only helped me to be healthier but also happier with myself overall - I feel stronger inside and out. There is no reason why anyone should deny themselves this wonderful experience," Amy P. 

It Transforms Body and Your Health

"The best thing I can do for my body is be fit," says Alison. "I'm someone with some moderate health issues, and incorporating strength training into my life as been such a blessing." She's a member of the BodyRockPlus community and follows the workouts each day to stay healthy — even if her doctors are thrilled with how well weightlifting has worked to improve her health. "I love how being fit has improved my life." - Alison 

The BodyRock Sculpt Bar In Action 

Being Stronger Makes You Feel Powerful and Feminine

Women who focus just on cardio based exercise often go through a "softening up" as they work to achieve their weight-loss goals. Taylor's story is no different. "My initial goal was just to be thinner, she says, but my body was squishy and I didn't feel strong or athletic." Taylor started off as an overweight mother with three small children who couldn't fit into her old clothes anymore. "I think that a lot of women are sort of programmed just to be skinny, not strong. I wanted to be lean, but I wasn't satisfied with how weak and frail I felt - I was what you might call 'skinny-fat'. I discovered lifting with BodyRock as part of their HIIT programs, and I was hooked - finally I was getting the body shape that I wanted plus the strength, endurance and agility that makes me feel powerful and capable in my body. My favorite piece of go to gear is my Sculpt Bar & Weights. I'm proud to own them because they have literally re-sculpted my body. Don't just settle for being thinner - choose to be strong, it will change your whole life." - Taylor

It Makes 'Bingo Wings' Skinny Arms a Thing of the Past

Suns out, guns out. Jess's arms, which just 6 months ago she described as 'skin tubes' without tone or definition are now smoking hot, according to Jess. "I have a confidence now that never existed before I starting strength training. I would avoid wearing t-shirts and anything that showed my shoulders and arms. I can't tell you how great it feels not only just not to hide myself, but to have the confidence that comes from actually liking the way my body looks for myself. I had no idea I could feel this way or that life would open up the way it has when I'm not avoiding or hiding myself." - Jess

It Burns Off the Baby Weight

Strength Training exercises like squats, hip thrusts and shoulder raises helped this new mom become stronger and healthier than ever. "Pregnancy really did a number on my body," says Paula. "I went from 132 pounds to 197 pounds during pregnancy. I started my post-pregnancy fitness journey when I was about 189 pounds. Luckily, a friend who had recently rebuilt and transformed her body after pregnancy told me about her experience with BodyRock and Strength Training and I got on board and signed up. My body is now stronger and more capable than before I was pregnant. I haven't been in this kind of shape maybe ever. It's possible. Don't let anyone - including yourself - tell you anything else." Perhaps what Paula is most proud of however is the impact it's had on her young daughter. "I lead my daughter by example. She sees her mom working out each day in the living room and mimics the moves on the TV. She tries on my weighted vest and dances around with it on. I'm teaching her first hand the importance of exercise and being strong." - Paula

BodyRock Trainer Jessie

BodyRock Coach Jessie and her 3 daughters. 

It Makes You Really, Really Love Your Body 

Jennifer has gained more than 7 pounds since she started lifting, but her body is leaner now than ever before and her old clothes are loose. "I feel better and my confidence level has skyrocketed thanks to this newfound strength." Like so many women who have started training with us, the scale no longer dominates Jennifer's self-esteem. "My old clothes fit better, even if they are a bit loose. I look better than when I was in my early thirties, and I feel that confidence in all my daily interactions. The best part for me was moving from the scale to how I look in the mirror and how my clothes fit. It's like taking a mountain of pressure off of yourself and getting much better results at the same time. Loving my body and appreciating it's strength has been an adjustment after years of sort of tolerating myself. It's a completely different way to exist, and I'm much, much, much happier."

It Makes You Train With Purpose 

Sharon's journey to healthier and happier living began three years ago, when she realized that just doing cardio would not help her lose weight. "I noticed after a few years at my gym that I kept seeing the same people using the same cardio machines over and over and not one of them had made a noticeable transformation despite seemingly always being at the gym. So instead of relying on cardio for hours at a time, Shannon signed up for one of our BodyRock Plus bootcamps and started incorporating strength training combined with HIIT exercises. "It has been worth every penny," says the 37 year old entrepreneur who can now proudly show off an improved physique thanks to these workouts. "As soon as I started getting weights and resistance involved it was a total game changer". Sharon started strength training simply by adding the BodyRock weighted vest to her workouts. "I was shocked at what adding resistance brought to my workouts, I could feel my body start to transform and get stronger workout after workout. If I'm going to exercise, I want to see and feel the changes - it's not enough for me just to shlep around the gym anymore - I'm not one of those people anymore. Strength training helped me train with purpose." - Sharon

It's All You, And It's Liberating 

I love how lifting can be an expression of myself. It's all me, whether I succeed or fail and whether I see my strength grow and in time with sweat equity as it was designed to do so-- nobody can take that away from you!
Joti can now routinely lift 2-3x more dumbbell weight that she could lift when she first started. "I'm absolutely stronger than when I first started. I couldn't even imagine this feeling of accomplishment being related to my fitness journey - but the power that you feel, and the strength and tone that you gain from this type of training are living results - not some abstract beauty ideal, or number on a scale. Thats liberating just on its own. The rest of it - the weight loss, the fat burning off, the changes that you want in your appearance - it all just comes naturally as a result of strength training." -Joti

 If you are looking to get started with your own Strength Training Fitness Journey, you can train with us at your own pace and on your own schedule by joining us at BodyRockPlus. There is a free trial, so you can come in and check things out.

We also have a 5 Day Introduction To Strength Training Bootcamp which is FREE and perfect for beginners. It's lead by BodyRock coach Jessie, who used Strength Training to reboot her body after having 3 kids (they are all under 8 years old). You can sign up for that Bootcamp here: 

Introduction To Strength Training For Women

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