What’s Your Fitness Age: Are You Ready to Find Out?

“You’re only as old as you feel.” Well, as it turns out, there is some merit to that old saying, at least in terms of your overall fitness level. What if we told you there was a way to measure the positive effects that exercise has had on your body?

Wouldn’t you love to see quantifiable proof (in addition to all your mind/body changes) that you and exercise are better together? Well, look, no further, researchers at CERG (Cardiac Exercise Research Group) have created a fitness age calculator for everyone to use (i.e., it’s free).

What’s a Fitness Age Calculator?

The CERG fitness age calculator, which we’ve included a link to below, is an at-home tool that anybody can use to measure how old their body is (fitness age) compared to your chronological age. It also estimates your VO2max level (we’ll cover this below).

To get personalized results, punch in:

    Step 1: Country, City, Ethnicity & Level of Education.

      Step 2: Gender, Age, Weight & Weight.

      Step 3: Maximum Heart Rate.

      • Measuring Maximum Heart Rate: take your chronological age then subtract it by 220, e.g., 25-220 = 195 — that’s your max heart rate.

      Step 4: How often, long and hard do you train?

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      Step 5: What’s your Waistline & Resting Pulse?

        • Measuring Waistline: using a fabric tape measure on bare skin find your waist (fleshy part above the navel under the ribs and above your hip bones) then wrap the tape measure around to find your waist size.
        • Measuring Resting Pulse: set a timer on your phone for 15sec then find your pulse on the inside of your wrist under your thumb and count how often you feel a pulse for 15 seconds. Take that number and multiply it by 4 for your resting pulse rate.

      Step 6: Consent & Optional Questions.

        • All the data is for research purposes only.
        • The optional questions are a bit more personal (doctor visits, health issues, how long you sit during the day, etc) however, they can further pinpoint your fitness age and VO2max levels.



      What’s VO2Max?

      VO2max or oxygen uptake is how efficiently your body uses oxygen during exercise — the greater the efficiency the more ATP (energy) your body produces.

      ATP is the energy required to power your muscles while working out. The more strenuous the workout, like HIIT, the more power your body needs to generate to keep up; which is why you want to optimize your VO2max levels. Thus, VO2max is an indicator of your cardiorespiratory fitness level.

      Compare your VO2max score using this chart to see how powerful your lungs are here

      What Your Fitness Level Tells You

      The point of uncovering how young/old your body feels, and how in shape your cardiorespiratory system is: it’s an indicator of your overall health. If you score lower than your chronological age with an above average VO2max then not only are you the picture of health you’re also:

      • Lessening your risk to heart disease,
      • Strengthening your immune system,
      • Reducing mood disorders (anxiety or depression),
      • Increasing brain function,
      • Sleeping better,
      • Increasing your lifespan, and
      • Lessening your risk to certain cancers.

      Therefore, it stands to reason if your chronological age is older than what’s listed on your driver's license, then it’s a good wake up call to invite fitness into your daily life.

      Start small like walking, focusing on mobility (try our Stretch and Mobility Series) or yoga for a few weeks to force a new habit then branch out and try new things to find your preferred workout.

      Now It’s YOUR Turn: Find Out Your Fitness Age

      If you’re committed to living a healthy life by exercising, then finding out your body feels younger is validation for your hard work. CERG’s fitness age calculator is free, easy to use and gold star encouragement to keep up motivated and on track!

      What’s YOUR Fitness Age:

      Take the CERG Fitness Age Calculator now!

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