What Type of Body Do You Want to Be?

Hey BodyRockers,

What type of body do you want to be?

I’m writing this as I stroll down the beach. It’s a beautiful day and sunbathers are laying out and enjoying the balmy winds and the warm caress of the sun. 

There are people from all over the world in this little part of the Adriatic coast - I’ve met Americans, Russians, Italians - all lovely in their eagerness to enjoy the simple pleasure of being alive on a beautiful summer day.

There are all shapes and sizes of people here, all ages. I just passed a woman who must be in her 80’s out enjoying a book and a walk along the promenade.

There are no ‘perfect’ bodies here. There are beautiful, shapely and strong bodies, but compared to Instagram, everyone is imperfectly perfect and human here. This is the real world. 

And you know what? The laughter, the splashing and play, the smiles and enjoyment is everywhere. These are some happy bodies on display - no matter the shape and size. 

I’m sharing this with you today, because despite how you are feeling about your body in this moment - and let’s be honest, we are all somewhat hyper critical of ourselves, we can take time to enjoy the journey and where we find ourselves right now. It’s the choice that all of these beautiful beach goers made for themselves today - to be imperfect, but to show up for themselves and their friends and family anyway. To accept themselves enough in that moment of choice to put on their bathing suits, bikinis and swim trunks (I’ve seen some speedos or ‘banana hammocks’ too lol). Don’t brush off the courage this took for some of these people. But they did it. You can too. 

Each one of these people chose to find enough peace with their insecurities, fears and negative self talk - those critical conversations that you have in your head (or out loud) - that shut down you wearing that dress you love or in this case from wearing your swimsuit to the beach. They chose to be ‘happy bodies’ for a beautiful day of living life. They choose to experience the joy of the sea over the despair of not being in shape enough, slim enough or any of the other brutal judgements most of us make against ourselves. I do it too.

The point is - this thing called ‘fitness’ is a journey. You can’t wait until you reach ‘perfection’ to start enjoying and living your life. Get in on the fun around you now. Be present. When it comes to your fitness, trust in the process. We have you. If it’s been a while since you’ve been active, then start with the Beginner Bootcamp. It’s a 30 day program that will get you up and moving again, and it’s designed to turn you into a ‘happy body’ by burning fat, building strength and moving you in a way that feels good (it’s just 12 minutes of exercises a day and you can try the whole program for FREE).

Don’t wait for the end of the journey to experience your life. Experience it with us and our whole fitfam now. In our community, we move our body goals forward in an achievable way and we live life and celebrate our wins together - even if it’s just feeling confident enough to spend a beautiful day at the beach. 

From the heart,