Where to Start with Sweatflix

So, you've just signed up for Sweatflix, but you don't even know where to start. That's okay! Signing up is the first step to getting started! We have a ton of great workouts for a variety of different fitness levels and preferences, and here are some of our favorite starting places:

For Beginners

Beginner Bootcamp

If you're either new to working out, or else getting back into it after a period away, we suggest getting started with our Beginner Bootcamp, which is available as a stand-alone challenge, or as a part of a Sweatflix membership. This challenge is a great way to build healthy, new habits into your life, and since it's based on using your own body weight, you don't even need any equipment to get started! There's a workout journal included as well, so you can track your progress.

Once completed, try doing it over again with a weighted vest before moving on to the Level Up Challenge.

For Intermediate/Advanced

One of our top fan favorites is the Extreme Sweat Challenge, hosted by celebrity fitness trainer, Chris Tye Walker.

Extreme Sweat with Chris Tye Walker

This versatile, 3-week workout challenge is based in 12-minute sessions that provide options for all levels, but is best suited to an intermediate or advanced level BodyRocker.

You can purchase the Extreme Sweat Challenge on its own, or else access it via your Sweatflix membership.


Real Time Challenge

The Real Time Challenge (RTC for short!) is also a fan-favorite. This 30 day challenge keeps you going every day to continue your good habits. 100% hand-made by Lisa, this no frills challenge doesn't come with any fancy camera moves, it's just you and Lisa, sculpting lean muscles and boosting agility and endurance. This Challenge is available exclusively in Sweatflix.


1000 Rep Challenge

For the super ambitious, check out Season 2 of the 1000 Reps Challenge for an intense pyramid workout with Sean! This brand-new challenge was released earlier this month and will push your limits to the max, available exclusively in Sweatflix.


Want something different?

You can browse workouts by equipment or workouts by type as well. There's something for every top piece of equipment we sell, as well as combat, tabata, yoga, a pregnancy series called BodyRock Baby, and so much more -- not to mention, 5 seasons of BodyRock Food, which is your source for delicious and healthy recipes.

BodyRock Food

If you aren't already a Sweatflix subscriber, now is the perfect time to get started. Our BodyRock community is ready and waiting to support you on your fitness journey all the way!

Challenger Bars
Weighted Vest
Balance Trainer


Are you already a Sweatflix subscriber?
Let us know what your favorite workouts are in the comments!


If you take a chance to look at the comments on the insider I made a rather long entry thanking the body rock community for my boost of energy that I’m starting to feel but I’m getting a lot of feedback from but I wrote that it’s very inspirational etc. if you want to use it for advertisement I don’t know that’s up to you but a lot of people are telling me how inspired they are from reading it cheers
Linda campbell January 31, 2018

Sweatflix is a fitness treasure box! What I like of Sweatflix is that there is a workout for every level sthrenght and the variety of the exercises routines means it is never boring. I can choose a different workout everyday depending on my mood and time available. I love love love the strength and reps lives . The breakdowns of the reps challenges allows me to go at my own pace while watching my favorite trainers , Sean and Lisa, for form and listening to their tips advice and encouragement. I mainly follow the lives and the New challenges as they are posted but from time to time I revisit the old series ; my favorite are : RTC challenge ,the Bootcamps all, Spotlight, Extreme Sweat, Daily Hitt Season 4, Fat burn challenge, Hiit Max, BodyRock lean and of course the 1000 reps challenge both series.

Eliana Ya January 16, 2018

I am doing the Level up challenge and definitely being challenged and noticing I am getting stronger.

Joanne Androsoff January 16, 2018

I love Lisa’s 8 × 8 workouts or any of her live sessions. It is worth the subscription to not struggle through internet disruptions during the FB lives.

Anna January 16, 2018
I just finish my 2 day of beginner bootcamp I’m loving it. I forgot what it was like to have shaking legs and almost not be able to take the staircase. Love it
Melida Oropeza January 16, 2018

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