Why 10 minutes of exercise per day is enough to get you results.

Is ten minutes of exercise really enough? That doesn’t seem like much!

Can you really get results in just 10 minutes of exercise?  The answer is yes - absolutely. A recent study showed that a 10 minute workout with just 1 minute of high intensity exercise delivered the same benefits of a 45 minute long jog. Surprised? Don’t be. The right 10 minute workout can change your life. 

10 minutes of exercise is enough

10 minutes of exercise is enough to… get you up off the couch and moving. 10 minutes of exercise is enough to challenge you, it’s enough that you will feel a genuine sense of accomplishment at the end of the workout. 10 minutes is enough to give you an energy boost on a busy day when you don’t have the time for anything else. It’s enough to build fat burning lean muscle, to get strong, and to start to lean out. It’s enough for you to feel sore the next day. 10 minutes is enough. 10 minutes of exercise works because it's achievable. 10 minutes is achievable even on days when you really don’t want to exercise. 

 10 minutes of pushing yourself hard is enough to build lean muscle, increase strength, agility and mobility

Intensity. You can train harder for 10 minutes than you can for 30 minutes. Knowing that the whole workout is just 10 minutes long enables people to push themselves harder and with greater intensity - which boosts the overall effectiveness of the workout. 10 minutes of pushing yourself hard is enough to build lean muscle, increase strength, agility and mobility, and to shed excess body fat. 10 minutes of exercise a day practiced consistently can re-shape your entire body. If you measure your effort and intensity from 1-10 (10 being your max effort) and you are consistently grading your 10 minute workouts at an intensity score of 8 or above, you will shed excess body fat and start to tone up your body. Not every workout will be a 8+ but that’s ok - as long as you are giving it your best.

10 minutes of daily exercise is enough to change your body

Confidence. One of the biggest benefits of successfully completing your 10 minute workouts each day is the earned sense of accomplishment that you will experience.  Successfully completing your 10 minute workouts creates a foundation of confidence that will leave you wanting to accomplish more. When you give people that normally hate exercise the experience of actually being able to successfully complete a workout something pretty amazing starts to happen - people start to like and then even enjoy working out. 10 minutes builds confidence, which fuels motivation and desire, which is what allows fitness to become part of your lifestyle.

Optimize with a plan

Optimize with a plan. You can sharpen the effectiveness of a 10 minute workout by following a meal plan. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people that start a weight loss regime choose to either adjust their fitness or their diet, when aligning both seamlessly leads to much faster results. The sooner you stop telling yourself that you are a registered dietician with the knowledge and expertise to program a fat loss meal plan strategy that will support your health with the proper vitamins and nutrients, the better. Guess what? You are not a mechanic either - do you try to fix your own car? Or do you invest in getting it done properly so that you can get on with your life and get headed in the right direction? Apologies to any dietician / mechanics out there reading this. One of the most powerful meal plans for women is also one of the easiest to follow - there are zero food restrictions, so you can quite literally eat whatever you want. The benefits of this diet plan for women can be found here

Give yourself 30 days following a 10 minute workout program to start to experience some of its benefits first hand

Get consistent. Give yourself 30 days following a 10 minute workout program to start to experience some of its benefits first hand. If you are concerned that you haven’t exercised in years or even decades, here is an excellent article on starting to workout again after a prolonged break. If it’s been a while since you last exercised, you don’t have to worry that we will have you doing cartwheels and headstands. We have a 30 day workout program that has been specifically designed for beginners - with beginner level exercises that will challenge you but are also achievable. Our 30 Day Beginner Bootcamp is an ongoing series that you can follow, with a fresh workout each day that ranges between 10-15 minutes. For a limited time, we are offering a full year of unlimited access to our Beginner Bootcamp series on our fitness streaming service BodyRockPlus.com  for just $69 for the year with code: NY22

Beginner Bootcamp

A shot from Day 1 of the 30 Day Beginner Bootcamp. This full body workout is just 12 minutes long. 

10 minutes is enough to accomplish so much - it’s enough to get your fitness journey started. We have workouts at your level that you can absolutely smash, and with each day that you check off, your confidence and motivation will start to take root. I’m telling you - try experiencing achievable workouts before you write off fitness from your life - it’s a way different experience when the right workout is delivered at the right intensity for the perfect amount of time - and 10 minutes is your magic number. 



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