Why Balance Training Is Crucial For Lasting Health & Fitness

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Balance is often an overlooked element in most fitness routines and yet it is something you use each and every day. Every single step you take relies on balance. Walking up and down stairs, going from a flat surface like a sidewalk to an uneven surface like grass, getting out of a chair, and even just standing upright, requires balance.

The majority of the time, our bodies adjust for balance without us even noticing it. Tiny adjustments in the foot, ankle, hips, and core work keep us level. Give it a try! Stand barefoot, on one foot. Can you feel all those tiny movements in your foot? That’s your balance at work!

The way we moved and played as children helped us to develop our balance but now, as adults, we spend a large amount of time sitting still and staring at screens. This fact creates strength imbalances in the body that can impact posture, cause pain, and lead to injuries. When we sit all day, our hip flexors and glutes don’t function as they should and this throws everything out of whack.

Good balance gives you the stability you need to be confident in all of your movements. This includes your workouts. Balance can boost agility and strength in a way that will keep you healthy in all stages of life. Your core is your foundation and if you build a strong foundation, the other pieces fall into place with more ease.

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Balance is also a key component in remaining injury free. Removing imbalances in your body, improves your ability to control your movements, helping you avoid getting hurt. You can’t train when you have an injury which can just compound the problem. And of course, strong balance is a key part of avoiding falls as we get older.

The good news is that improving balance is easy to do. If you challenge your balance on a regular basis, you will improve it. Simply put, use it or lose it. Including balance training to your workout routine is as simple as adding The BodyRock Balance Trainer to the mix. Using the Balance Trainer creates an uneven, shifting surface, which engages the core muscles and activates all the tiny stabilizing muscles that help you maintain your position. Squats, push ups, step ups, and crunches are effective exercises, they’re even more effective when done with a Balance Trainer.

Start working on your balance today and things will always be on the level.




Hi, I’m thinking about getting a balance trainer. Is there a balance trainer workout video dvd I can buy to go with it? Thank you

Kathy April 27, 2018

Is there any way for shipping the balance trainer for less than $24? I am in no hurry to get it.

Angela Deaver April 06, 2018

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