Why You Need a Post-Workout Skincare Routine

Working out is good for your skin, there’s no doubt about it. Regular exercise can give you a healthy glow, clear skin, and help improve elasticity while reversing the signs of aging. No joke. The fountain of youth is a puddle of your own sweat. 

But getting your sweat on without a post-workout skincare routine can wreak havoc on your precious epidermis. After exercising, your skin is particularly vulnerable to germs, bacteria, and sweat. You need to remove these irritants or risk dull, acne-prone skin--and no, using your shampoo lather to wash your face in the shower doesn’t cut it.  

Keep reading to find out the post-workout skincare you didn’t know you needed and get on your way to enjoying a more vibrant, beautiful complexion. 


Your Step-by-Step Post-Workout Skin Care Regime

1. Cleanse

Washing your face right after working out is absolutely critical--and we mean right after. The longer you leave sweat, dirt and oil on your face, the more likely you are to break out. The second you finish stretching, hit the sink and start cleansing your skin.

If you want a deep clean after a particularly grueling workout sesh, grab an exfoliator and gently scrub at your face. This will help release all the dead skin cells that are blocking your post-workout glow.

Tip: try to avoid working out while wearing makeup. The heat from working out causes your pores to open and your makeup can settle in them. It can be tough to go bare, but it’s definitely easier in a home gym.

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2. Tone

Working out gives your skin a solid layer of oil, grime, and sweat, and sometimes cleansing alone doesn’t quite do the trick. Toning is a great way to shed that layer from your skin and prevent breakouts from developing. You can even use toner on your neck, chest, and back to avoid breakouts. 


3. Moisturize

Even if you’re still hot and flushed from your workout, skipping the moisturizer is not an option. After stripping away the layers of gunk from your skin, you need to seal back in the hydration so that your skin doesn’t become dry and irritated. A light, non-greasy moisturizer is usually exactly what your skin craves after an intense gym sesh. 

More Workout Skincare Tips

Your skin is super exposed during a workout, so it’s up to you to protect it. Your gym towel might seem innocent enough, but it’s often laden with bacteria. Choose a thin, non-fluffy towel and wash it after every single use. If you use it to wipe both your face and equipment, it’s time to get yourself a second towel.

Whatever you do, don’t wipe your face with your hands because it can introduce bacteria to your skin. If you’re sharing gym equipment with others, this is especially important. Try to avoid touching your face completely (it’s tough, we know) and tie your hair back off your face.

Whether you’re exercising from home or at a gym, taking a few minutes after your workout to protect and replenish your skin should be as vital to your routine as stretching and warming up.

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