With a Twist: 5 Calorie Free (or Close!) Additions to Water

Water is amazing. It's cool, refreshing, and it helps us purify our minds and bodies  — and if you're living a healthy lifestyle, you're going to be drinking a lot of water. And we mean a lot. For some of us, our water bottles begin to feel bae. After awhile, it can get a little dull. Don't get us wrong: we know you don't have to fall in love with everything you eat or drink, and that sometimes you just gotta grind it out to score the sweet gains we sweat for, but that doesn't mean everything has to be a drag.

If you're getting a little tired of plain ol' H20 and want to add a twist to your daily hit of hydration, read on. Here are 5 ways you can amp up the flavor of your water, without loading up on calories or losing any of the purifying perks.

1) Lemon

Of course lemon is on the list. Adding a touch of lemon juice to water can help stimulate digestion, flush out toxins, freshen breath, boost your immune system and increase your energy. Use ½ a lemon if you’re 150 lbs or less and 1 whole lemon if you’re more than 150 lbs. Add it to an 8oz glass of water and enjoy!

2) Cucumber

Cucumber water is super refreshing, and adds a crisp twist on your standard H20. Cucumber water has age-defying, cancer fighting antioxidants, and the potassium in cucumber can also help regulate your blood pressure. Oh, and since cucumbers are also high in vitamin K, sipping some cucumber water will also help create and maintain healthy bones.

You can chow down on the cucumbers after if you want, but they may be too waterlogged for some tastes. If so, compost away.

3) Cinnamon Water

You've probably heard all about the insane benefits of cinnamon. It helps regulate insulin, lower bad cholesterol (LDL), improve brain function and it has anti-inflammatory properties.Nice, right? Well, not as nice as adding it to your water. Just toss a stick in 1.5 litres of water, put it in the fridge, and let it chill overnight.

4) Strawberry Water

Strawberries have been shown to bolster heart health, control blood sugar, boost the immune system, aid in cancer prevention and they’re loaded with antioxidants that rid your body of toxins. Add 2 cups of washed, de-stemmed, sliced strawberries to 2 litres of water and let sit in the fridge overnight.

5) Pineapple Water

Pineapple water is the taste of summer! And unlike pineapple juice, you won't rake in tons of extra calories from sugar. Pineapple has been shown to reduce inflammation and promote joint health, detox your body, boost digestion, and amp up your energy. To enjoy pineapple water, add 2 cups of pineapple to 2 litres of water. Let sit in the fridge overnight and then sip as you please.

Need sweet?   Add ½ teaspoon of stevia to any of these drinks to crush sugar cravings without adding calories or chemicals.

Next time you’re looking for a healthy, hydrating and refreshing twist on regular water, try one of these incredible, infused alternatives.

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I love infusing my water with fruit! I do this for my coworkers everyday to motivate them to drink more water. Sometimes, I put essential oils in my water to boost the flavor!

Brooklyvon Descheny June 26, 2018

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