Women and Weights: How to De-Intimidate Yourself - A Pep Talk

If you experience fear and intimidation around lifting weights and strength training, here is an honest pep-talk to help you break through your fears and push beyond your comfort zone and feel empowered to start embracing lifting as the magic bullet that can actually deliver the body results that will keep you motivated and on track. 

First, we want you to know that it’s ok to be nervous about trying new things - especially when it comes to your fitness. Working out brings up a lot of sensitive issues for people. Exercise makes people feel self-conscious, especially when they are just starting out. If you feel this way, we get it - but at some point, we need to build up the courage to breakout of thoughts and behaviour patterns that are holding us back from achieving our goals. If you have the genuine desire to make changes in your life, the pain of not doing something often starts to feel more uncomfortable than continuing to do nothing. If this is the emotional state that you find yourself in - which can often feel like being frustratingly stuck - perfect. You have enough juice in your discomfort to make a shift. You are ripe for change!

A few things we can establish right out of the gate…

As a woman, lifting weights / strength training will not bulk you up - especially if your weapon of choice is the Kettlebell. You can read about the benefits of women working out with Kettlebells here. Bulking up would require you training and eating like a bodybuilder - it doesn't ever just happen by accident. 

When most of us think of a ‘weight room’ at a gym, we have visions of a bunch of smelly, half naked hulks grunting and groaning like they are going to blow a vein while pressing the weight of a small automobile, before dropping their weights on the floor in a deafening crash. Most weight rooms had the feeling that you were actually in the men’s locker room. While these types of places and people still exist, more and more women have broken the seal of these testosterone vaults, and increasingly, gyms have adopted more inclusionary behaviour policies. 

BodyRock Kettlebell

Women are braving weight rooms now with increasing ease and confidence. 

Women also have more options and tools than ever before when it comes to weight training. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that with the right workout to stream, you can get a better than gym quality workout at home in your living room, backyard, or wherever you feel comfortable training. 

We have a free 5 Day Introduction to Strength Training Bootcamp that we put together specifically to help beginners get started with Strength Training at Home. You get 5 free workouts delivered to your email when you sign up:

5 Day Strength Training Bootcamp

The home workout movement has blossomed, and it presents a number of benefits over the traditional gym, particularly when it comes to lifting weights and strength training. 

Many trainers actually suggest that you get comfortable with lifting at home, before you decide to take your workout to the gym. You can learn the fundamental exercises, get a handle on correct form, and establish your confidence all while wearing whatever feels comfortable, listening to your favourite workout playlist, while setting an example for the people in your life that you love. Many mothers insist on working out at home for this reason. Imagine if you had had someone show you by example how important and accessible exercise was when you were a kid? Seeing mom sweating it out and struggling to push herself through a tough workout is one of the greatest examples that you can set for your family. 

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Stop mind f@cking yourself. You are stronger than you think. 

Think that the 40 pound Kettlebell looks intimidating and impossible? Looking for those 5 pound dumbbells instead?

Here is where we get real. You lift weights everyday of your life. Read that again, because most women lose the plot right here. I need to ask you - when you look at a Barbell with plates, or a set of Dumbbells that weigh more than 2.5 pounds, what extremely limiting mind game are you playing on yourself?

Are you not the same woman that routinely hauls multiple bags of groceries around? Are you not the same powerful woman that lifts up your kids or friends' children? If you have ever lifted up a small child, you have likely lifted more than that heavy Kettlebell. Is your body not the same body that can hoist that overpacked suitcase up onto the luggage belt at the airport? Wasn’t that you?

As a physically active woman, you routinely use your power and strength to accomplish everything life throws at you. It’s not always easy, but if you’ve ever moved apartments, if you’ve ever pulled a heavy box down from the closet, if you’ve ever rearranged furniture - you have proven that you have the capability to strength train and lift weights. Just because the weights we are talking about are shaped like fitness gear does not somehow diminish your established and proven strength. YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU ARE A STRONG, CAPABLE WOMAN. Don’t accept anything else - especially when it comes from a place of your own fears.

BodyRock Strength Training

The best bodies in the gym are always in the weight training room. 

Lifting weights in a solid, home based strength training program is the most powerful gift that you can give yourself when it comes to your fitness and body transformation goals. Don’t talk yourself out of this opportunity. Get your hands on a barbell and weight set that has been specifically designed for home use. Make sure the plates have handles, so that you can use them as hand weights. Also you will want to ensure that they are coated with thick rubber so that they won't scuff your floors. 

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Stop wasting your time. Please. 

Any movement is better than nothing - especially when that movement is optimized for resistance training with our weighted vest. Movement is positive, but not all movement was created equal. If you regularly exercise, but aren’t seeing any changes or results, you might have unwittingly become one of the ‘walking dead’ that wander around at the gym - typically in the cardio machine room, but occasionally on the strength training nautilus machines. Most gyms are full of regulars that show up consistently, but never change or improve. They tend to do a lot of steady state cardio - like the bike or elliptical. They are moving, but their progress has flatlined years ago, and they are just in this suspended state of existence - running to stand still.

Don’t allow yourself to slip into the cardio coma. 

This is what happens when you move, but don’t train with purpose. You can lose years of your life to this, years that you could be using to advance your goals.

If you want to lose weight, if you want to burn off the extra fat that you are carrying that makes you feel so self-conscious, if you truly want to transform your body, then the very best way to accomplish this that stands the best chance of success is strength training / resistance training that incorporates lifting weights. 

To understand why strength training is so powerful, read about what really happens when women lift weights here. 

When it comes to your fitness, motivation flows and is powered by change.

As soon as you start to see, feel and experience the changes taking place in your body, mind and confidence, you will push harder. The motivation that so many people struggle to find, comes from being open to change, and training with purpose to achieve those changes. The more that you begin to manifest the results you desire, the more empowered you become. 

Are you afraid of change?

Wanting a stronger, faster, leaner and more athletic body is easy - but ask yourself, does going outside of your current comfort zone make you feel nervous? A surprising number of women don’t take purposeful action to change their fitness routines because they worry about the negative reactions that they might get from their family, friends or work colleagues. Taking on a new challenge like strength training will mean a likely shift in your routine, diet, and behaviours. Change can be hard for people - they might feel intimidated, they might feel judged. They might just get bitchy, and start projecting their insecurities and issues. This happens all the time, and if you aren't expecting it, it can be a painful experience. What is more damaging however, is to remain where you are and give up on your true potential, just to keep someone else in your life comfortable. You can read more about this here.

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The BodyRock Sculpt Bar has been designed specifically for home strength training use. It comes with coated weights to protect your hands and floors, a new grip technology that makes it easy to hold, and gym quality clips to keep your weight plates secured. It is sized down to work at home, while delivering a better than gym quality workout. Our Sculpt Bar has hundreds of 5 star reviews, and is currently on sale here. 

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