Yoga: Timeless and Timely

It doesn’t take a lot of time to feel the benefits of your yoga session in the flesh. Within minutes, you will be mentally and physically calmer, more focused and refreshed. Thank an increase in circulation, release of bodily tension, reduction of stress, and stimulation of endorphins  — your body’s feel good hormones.  And these are just the short-term effects.

Remember those other perks of the practice? The increased strength and flexibility? The reduction of joint and ligament pain and decreased likelihood of injury? The reduced risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer? Improved mental health? Concentration? Better sleep? You can get all these longer-term advantages without having to sit atop a mountain for years, or spend every lunch hour in a studio. You can get them in minutes. That’s right: minutes.


study published in Topics of Geriatric Rehabilitation showed that over course of 10 years, a 12 minute yoga practice helped hundreds of participants improve their overall health and reverse severe bone loss. Other studies have shown benefits in as little as 5 minutes. The point is you don’t need to sign your life away to sign up for these life-changing and life affirming results.

What you probably do need is guidance.

That’s why we’ve developed BodyRock Vinyasa Yoga  — a series that brings you all the rewards of yoga in typical HIIT time. We’re talking short, sweet and effective sessions that will bolster the health of your brain and body. While you can find yoga for intermediate and advanced practitioners on SweatFlix, our newest series focuses on beginner yoga. Available on-demand and led by our passionate and experienced trainers, we gearing up to meet you on the mat, to help you improve your life  — all in a matter of minutes.

Take a deep breath, and get ready to change your life!

Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Beginners!


Unlike stepping into a cross-fit studio or starting a running regime at a beginner level, where you may spend days recovering from that first session, the beginner level really  is  beginner. You’re likely to feel energized from your initial encounter with beginner yoga, as opposed to feeling crippled to the point of never wanting to try it again. This is because yoga encourages you to work at your own pace, and to honor yourself and your body above everything else. It’s a practice that asks that you explore the boundaries of your comfort zone, and push them gently and mindfully. Yoga is not a shock to your system: it’s a pleasant acclimatization into increased physical and mental awareness and power.

This means that while you may have good reason not to step into an advanced Vinyasa Ashtanga yoga class, you have no good reason not to do some kind of yoga, and we think that our Vinyasa Flow is the perfect place to start!


Interested in bringing your yoga practice into the living room? We have everything you need.

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