You Are Enough Just The Way You Are

None of us here are underwear models. It’s taken time to accept that we will never be the kind of people in the adverts for lingerie or boxer briefs. It seems crazy that we even aspired to that. But we did. It’s taken time and a bit of maturity to understand that even the models they choose to be in those ads don’t look like they appear in the magazines. How many years have we held ourselves up to this impossible ideal? Feeling lacking because we are not measuring up to the photoshopped images. For me it’s been years. Yes. It effects men too.

The truth is that I will never probably have that kind of body. But I have my body, and it’s served me well so far. I keep training to be stronger, fitter and faster, and I can run and jump and lift. I am beautiful in my own way, as are we all. We have scars and stretch marks and extra skin, and it makes us each who we are. I may not have a chiseled six pack, but let’s be honest together – is that what this is really about? When you make your goals about finding strength both inside and out you can finally drop the added weight of these impossible ideals. Yes we want to be lean and sexy – but that comes from the confidence to stand in your own skin and be proud to accept who you are.

We train here for a life well lived, and that is a goal that is more than skin deep. So today when you strip off your sweaty clothes after your workout, stand for a moment and just be proud of your body and have the courage to own who you are in this moment – not what you want to be or who you hope to be, but what you are now. This is real life, and who you are will always be welcome to train with us. No one here is perfect but we can share the courage to be ourselves. 💕 




Lisa- you actually do look like an underwear model. And your abs are chiseled. What your article does show is that if even you doubt that you measure up to ideals, we ALL should be questioning whether our body image is distorted. As someone who hates my tummy, yet gets told that I have a great body, your post inspired me to maybe trust what others see, and take my own perception with a grain of salt. Thank you❤️

Meghan June 23, 2019

Lisa: I may not have a chiseled six pack, but let’s be honest together – is that what this is really about?
My Brain: Well, duh it is. Also, I thought Lisa Was an underwear model. Everyone wants to wear whatever she wears already anyhow.

Cory June 22, 2019


Your body is model worthy don’t sell yourself short!

Monika June 22, 2019

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