Why this 5 day strength training bootcamp is the workout you need to do if you’re trying to lose weight and tone up.

Here is how this strength training bootcamp can help you meet your fitness & weight-loss goals fast.

When you think of exercises for weight loss, a lot of women tend to think about upping their cardio game - running, biking or spinning tend to be popular choices. While it's true that cardio workouts get your heart pumping and burn calories, strength training  is what is going to take your weight-loss goals to the next level. In fact, the power of strength training to burn away stubborn fat is a total fitness game changer.

Before we go any further, it's important to remember that Strength Training paired with a solid diet plan will turbo charge your results - which is why we’ve also included our quick start 10 day meal plan as part of this program. Follow this up with good sleep and you will be well on your way to smashing your weight-loss goals.

Strength training builds lean muscle.

If weight loss and leaning out is your goal, then incorporating strength training into your routine is key. Building long, lean muscles not only looks great and will give you an athletic look, those same muscles will continue to burn calories long after your strength workout is complete. It is this powerful ‘after burn’ effect that can last for hours after exercise that starts to compound your efforts and transform your body much faster than cardio alone. When you’re sticking to just cardio, quite often you will lose muscle and fat. This type of cardio only approach might actually be slowing down your metabolism by losing lean muscle mass.


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More lean muscle = a higher BMR (base metabolic rate).

Lean muscle is the ultimate fat incinerator. Having more lean muscle means that your body will burn significantly more calories when its at rest. Having more muscle increases the number of calories your body burns to keep itself running on the daily. A pound of muscle requires more energy than a pound of fat, and the more muscle you have the more calories your body is going to burn 24/7.

Strength training sets up the body to burn more calories by constantly breaking down, recreating and synthesizing muscle tissue - all of which burns calories. Adding more lean muscle intensifies this effect and revs up your metabolism. By increasing your BMR and torching more calories at rest (think of when you are sleeping, doing laundry or watching your favourite series on Netflix) your also helping to increase your calorie deficit which is a must for weight loss.

Go on how your clothes fit - not the scale.

Strength training has the power to dramatically reshape your body. Lean muscle has a massive impact on decreasing body fat, and the result is that you will be tighter and leaner - something you will start noticing as your clothes start to fit better. Don’t assume that just because your scale isn’t moving as fast as you would like that you are not making progress. It’s very probable that you are building lean muscle & losing fat, which can be confusing when your only perspective is the scale. Many women that have taken up strength training with amazing results have shifted away from the scale to gauging how they feel in their clothes. When you start to pay attention to your body and how it feels and looks rather than just a number on the scale, it can be incredibly freeing, especially as you start to see your goals start to materialize in the mirror in front of you.


Intro To Strength Bootcamp BodyRock

Strength training workouts burn a ton of calories.

Cardio tends to get the credit when it comes to calorie burning workouts, but strength training workouts like the ones we’ve designed in our 5 day Lift & Burn Strength training bootcamp add in heart pumping high intensity interval training (HIIT) movements that maximize your calorie burn throughout the workouts. By adding these HIIT elements in between lifts and resistance exercises, you are increasing your heart rate, you are increasing the fuel burn during the workout which leads to increased calorie burn during your strength training sweat sesh.

The Gear that you need to transform your body:

A good bar & weights set is the foundation to any strength or resistance program. The one that we recommend, and the one all of our trainers use is the Sculpt Bar. The Sculpt Bar is aptly named, because it's designed to help you build lean, fat incinerating muscle. We’ve sized down the best ‘gym’ bar for home use, and added enough weight plates to deliver the ultimate strength training workout. 

You can check out our Sculpt Bar here!

The BodyRock weighted vest is a game changer. Simply by clicking it on your body, you are optimizing every movement you make with resistance training. It’s the easiest way to add resistance to any activity - from walking, to biking and even when you are running around after your kids. Adding it to your actual workouts will ignite the burn like never before. Unlike other vests, ours was designed specifically to fit and not slide around while you are wearing it. It’s comfortable and it really ups your fitness game. 

You can check out the vest here!

Here is how to add Strength training to your weight loss strategy.

We’ve created the ultimate 5 day strength training bootcamp that will give you a full body burn, show you the best resistance exercises, and teach you how to lift properly to get the maximum results. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of it by providing a full program designed to unlock all of the benefits that strength training provides. Our coach and trainer Jessie has been incorporating strength based Hiit workouts in her own fitness journey, and it has helped her tone and strengthen her body after having 3 kids. It’s a premium program designed to get you started, in just 20 minutes a day. It’s everything that you need to leverage the incredible power of resistance and strength training, and you can sign up for free here!

We hope that you are more motivated than ever to incorporate strength training into your fitness journey!

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