Invest in your workout

Invest in each rep. Not just the physical energy it takes to power your body through each exercise. Physical power is not enough. You need to reach inside for the 'why' power that is far more powerful than anything your muscles can manage.

Unlocking the 'why power' happens when you discover what truly motivates you to push yourself well beyond your comfort zone on a daily, consistent basis. This source of will power is within you, and only you can tap it's incredible potential.

Think about it. Quest about inside your heart until you find what drives you. Don't judge it. The process is different for everyone, and each of us has their own 'why'. Maybe you are doing it for your kids, to be a better parent. Maybe you are doing it to get leaner, stronger, sexier. Your 'why' could be any number of things, and they may shift and change from day to day. What are your whys? To run a 5k, to be better in bed, to be able to lift your BodyWeight? Finding the great why can be a healthy method to process anger, resentment and frustration and turn it into emotion that can be used as a positive driver.

If you want to truly succeed find these 'whys' and plug them into your workouts. Visualize the outcome you want and press your motivation into each push, pull and jump. The more 'whys' you have to power up your BodyRocking the stronger you will be, and the faster you will see results. Get beyond the idea that these workouts are just about moving your body. Move your heart first and all of the courage, motivation and will power you need to reach your goals will emerge from where it truly resides - inside you.

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