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It was sweet at first, but you’re starting to suspect your love affair with bread is consuming your life –or at least the waistband of your jeans. Intimate late night sessions between you and a pizza aren’t so steamy anymore. Blissful brunches with croissants and coffee dates with cookies are leaving you drier than biscotti. Even your usual breakfast of whole grain toast has started to feel suspect. You’re tired, unfocused, your joints ache and despite the fact that you’re exercising regularly and eating well for the most part, you’re carrying some extra weight – especially around your middle.

If these symptoms sound familiar, it may be time to rethink your relationship with wheat. Wheat, as it is cultivated today, has become problematic for many people, even those who do not suffer from acute allergies or illnesses like celiac disease. Some experts, like Dr William Davis, a preventive cardiologist and author of the bestseller, Wheat Belly, say that wheat is a problem for everyone – it’s just that some of us don’t know that our health issues are due to this seemingly innocuous grain.

Within this guide, we will not only discuss why it’s beneficial to end your love affair with the all-mighty loaf, but we’ll also discuss how to practically implement this change. You’ll get strategies and recipes for a fool proof plan to get you started. Stick to our plan and we’ll guarantee you’ll feel better, shed some pounds, trim some inches and learn healthy eating habits. Basically, you’ll reap all the rewards of ending any unhealthy relationship!


14 Days

Make a positive life change in 14 days 

3 Days of Food Prep

15 meals planned (3 days worth)


How it may be negatively affecting you

Keep it Up

Tons of tips on how to maintain this lifestyle

***This is a digital download. (E-Book)


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