Weighted Speed Rope

$29.50 $59


  • ROPE LENGTH ADJUSTABLE: can be adjusted to any suitable length (includes 2 rope lengths) for getting the best suitable length. 
  • SPEED JUMP ROPE: speed jump ropes are ultra-high speed ropes designed for easy double or triple unders – thanks to the advanced ball bearing mechanism that helps spin the rope almost effortlessly.
  • HANDLES COMFORTABLE: The handle is made of ABS Plastic which is comfortable and easy to grasp. The hollow design inside the handle can increase weight so you can add weight. The diameter of the handle is 5.5 inches, suitable for all people. DURABLE: this rope cable is made of a qualified thicken PVC covered steel wire, resistant to wear and tear.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT:  jump rope fits for all  (beginners & advanced, men & women, adults & kids) and for any calorie burning workout program (crossfit, fitness workout, jumping exercise, skipping, MMA and Boxing Aerobic Exercise)
  • CARRYING CASE - store rope with ease by using the carrying case. Comes with rope.


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    10 MINs OF SKIPPING ROPE VS 30 mins on the treadmill

    Athletes always need that little push, the small edge over their opponents to be the best. This means they have to put every single minute of their day into use. And if they needed to burn calories quick, there was a problem.

    A BIG problem: It didn't matter what it was. Cycling, elliptical or running on a treadmill — they all took too much time to burn a serious number of calories. And the athletes couldn’t spend hours doing cardio to burn 500 calories. They needed a solution. Quickly. Until one day, one workout took a place in *every* athlete’s schedule: weighted rope skipping.

    By using a Weighted Speed Rope, athletes are burning more calories in just 10 minutes compared to 30 minutes of traditional gym-machine cardio. 20 minutes might not seem like a big deal, but over an entire year, they saved 10,950 minutes, or 182.5 hours. That’s an entire WEEK!

    The news spread and women all over the country started working out with a Weighted Speed Rope. Since then, thousands of women have lost weight and built toned, lean bodies with just ten minutes of jumping with a Weighted Speed Rope every day.

    Take your workout anywhere and enjoy a fat melting workout like you never felt before.

    Reach your fitness goals