BodyRock Step Riser

$79 $89

For a limited time only receive a FREE Pink Thing with the purchase of the step riser!  

A great stepper: moderate height according to your workout move by adding or removing each stepper pad.

Includes: Black platform and 8 white risers.


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No More “Zzz Workouts”

If you think your home workouts are getting a littletoo repetitive and you want to spice it up, you can’t miss this: By using a Step Riser, you have an almost endless number of exercises to mix around! Use it as an adjustable bench, a plyo box or a cardio step. All the HIIT staple exercises can be done with only one compact Step Riser.

With a 20-minute Step Riser workout, you will burn up to 9 times more calories than your usual cardio workouts. And the best part about it? You only need the Step Riser and your favorite music playing in the background! BodyRock’s Step Riser takes your workouts to a whole new level with fun and new exercises.

Your worries of doing the same boring workouts every time will change to thinking, “Which workout should I do today?” Perfect for toning your glutes and legs, you can also combine upper & lower body workouts to target every muscle group with ease. The non-slip surface and adjustable height makes it compact, easy-to-store and safe

Reach your fitness goals