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BodyRock Stability Ball

$29 $44


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We want you to start your fitness journey with us as quickly as possible, that’s why we send every package to the USA & Canada via expedited or standard shipping (whichever is faster) with our partners at FedEx. Once your order has been processed successfully we try to have your shipment prepared within 1-2 business days, and it typically takes 2-4 days to get to you once it leaves our warehouse.

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All ab exercises are very similar movements. But, for you to get your abs to show, there’s one important factor to go by… Range of motion.

Think of ab crunches, or any ab exercise you need to lie down for. Your range of motion from starting position to end position is about 90 degrees. We discovered that getting a larger range of motion (deeper starting point), is the best way to get quicker results for your abs and core. Why? Because it puts more tensionon those muscles, which basically means quicker results.

For this reason, the Stability Ball is the ab workout’s “secret weapon.’’ It allows you to get a deeper range of motion by pulling your back much further than 90 degrees, therefore getting a deeper stretch in your abs. After trying the Stability Ball out, lots of women say, ‘’You never had a real ab workout if you’ve never used the Stability Ball before” — and we totally agree!

Reach your fitness goals

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