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Train, Tone, and Triumph With The Balance Trainer

When we do the same workout over and over again, our bodies adapt. If you’re ready to reach your fitness goals, then you’ve got to find ways to keep your body guessing.

With the BodyRock Balance Trainer, you’ll stay on your toes through dynamic, engaging, fun workouts - all from the comfort of your home. Improve your coordination and tone your core as you diversify your workouts with balance training.

Use it flat-side down for simple balance-building, flip the trainer over to intensify the
coordination, then use the included removable resistance band as a set-up free way to tone and strengthen your arms, shoulder, back, and abs.

With the BodyRock Balance Trainer’s slip-resistant design and non-toxic rubber construction, you’ll get a worry-free workout whether you’re standing on it for core training, adding a level of difficulty to your squats, lunges and crunches, or pushing your limit with planks and burpees.

The BodyRock Balance Trainer can also be easily incorporated into workouts, rehabilitation, and physical therapy, making it ideal whether you’re working your back from injury, into high-intensity cardio, or anywhere in between. Plus, it fits right into your home workout setup for your convenience.

Looking to strengthen your core, recover faster, and prevent injuries? Order your own BodyRock Balance Trainer today!


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There's a reason why Serena Williams beats her competition every single time. And if you work out at home, it’s something you have to know too:

In tennis, it's key to have a strong core and abs to generate power in your shots. But the problem is, tennis focuses on building other muscle groups more than the core. Young Serena seriously struggled winning tournaments because of this. Her shots were too soft. She felt frustrated and constantly lost her important games. Her coach saw an opportunity and decided to take advantage of it. Instead of working on Serena's abs & core at the gym, which didn’t get her the results she needed, he did something else. He got Serena a personal trainer to work with her using the Balance Trainer only — it was never done before for tennis players. After consistent workouts, slowly but surely her core was at peak performance (her abs were something else!), and she was ready for her next competition. You can already guess what happened next.... She won first place. Then again, and again, and again. Serena is now the #1 tennis player in the world, with abs that catch everyone’s attention on the tennis court! Serena Williams’ career will go down in history with a lot of credit to improving her core’s condition using the Balance Trainer. If you want to improve your core and getting your abs to pop, the Balance Trainer is a perfect addition to your home gym. With dynamic workouts, you can target all muscle groups with a variety of exercises.

improve your balance and flexibility

The Balance Trainer really helps with stability control, and makes a lot of basic moves so much harder and more effective by engaging the muscles required for balance!

It is known as a total training system because it allows users to work on and improve everything from cardio and strength to balance and flexibility!

Reach your fitness goals

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