Kettle Bell Kit

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Your core is where deeply buried pockets of fatty tissue stored, and also where you stabilize your muscle work in your arms, legs and glutes. Core work sparks changes throughout your body, but you need Deep Core gear to get at those many layers of abdominal muscle.

This bundle includes:

  • Weighted Vest 8LB Vest
  • 30LB Kettlebell
  • Ankle Weights
  • BodyRock Pink Thing
  • Core Resistance Bands

Weighted Vest: Simply slip on the vest to instantly increase your metabolic burn. Wear it during your workout to help build a leaner, fitter body, and wear it around the house or out on walks to burn more calories all day!

Core Resistance Bands: Tighten and tone all those nooks and crannies with Core Bands! Perfect for core work, lower body stabilization moves and upper body conditioning, Core Bands will help you build a more sculpted physique. 

BodyRock Pink Thing: Max out your resistance training with these super amazing resistance bands. The Pink/Black Thing allows you to tap into the power of continual resistance for next-level total body sculpting and strengthening.


  • A superior professional grade competition kettlebell
  • 100% Steel construction
  • Weight stamped into Kettlebell
  • Bare metal handles
  • 30 LBS
  • Regulation 33mm Handle
  • 11.25" total height x 8" total width



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