Tone & Torch Kit

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Below are a few options for building up your Tone & Torch home gym. Start where you are at, and slowly build up to having all the gear you need!

Items in these packages:

BodyRock Pink Thing: Incredibly versatile and light weight, this unique resistance band has 5 different hand holds so you can decide how to use it and what tension you wish to use for a given move.

Core Bands: These purple and blue bands are used often in the Bootcamp around your thighs for squats and to strengthen your legs in various moves and reps.

Ankle/Wrist Weights: Strap on these weights to your legs or wrists. They weigh only 2LB each, but they can seriously increase the caloric burn! We also have a black version of these, which you can buy separately if you CLICK HERE.

6LB Teal Weighted Vest: Feels featherweight when on! Most people tell us they can hardly feel it's there BUT the gains they notice from wearing a vest are extreme. Accelerate your core work with this Vest on: see abs in weeks instead of months! Also you can wear it jogging or even just walking the dog!

Stability Ball: Our blue Stability Ball is a home gym favourite. Height is 18 Inches, it's the perfect size for ab work and it's used regularly in Tone & Torch, especially in the Thursday Mobility Workouts.

We have left off our HEX Dumbbells from these bundles, since we have so many options. CLICK HERE to view these from 5LB to 50LB, and all are 25% OFF!

In addition, the following gear items are used in this Bootcamp:

Workout Mat: CLICK HERE

Challenger Bars: CLICK HERE

BodyRock Bench: CLICK HERE


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