You may have heard the buzz around the new scientific discovery – most processed meats and even beloved bacon have been declared cancer-causing. The study found that eating a mere 50 grams of processed meat per day (two slices of ham, for example) can increase your risk of colon or colorectal cancers by 18%.

hot dogs human dna

Now more meat news, another disturbing discovery has been made about hot dogs. If you think your veggie dog is a safer option than the disease causing processed wieners, you’re in for a surprise. 10% of vegetarian hot dogs have reported traces of meat in them.

For meat lovers, 2% of all hot dogs have been found to contain human DNA. It’s a small number, yes, but why should any food we eat contain human DNA? If you’re not thoroughly creeped out yet, researchers have also found questionable hygiene practices associated with hot dog and sausage production.

Not everyone is buying into this new report. Martin Wiedmann, a Cornell University professor and expert on food safety was displeased with the findings and called the study  a “sensationalist marketing ploy”.

Families collectively spend $2.5 billion on hot dogs and almost $3 billion on sausages each year. Do you think these new findings will cause the meat industry to suffer? Does this report have you thinking twice about processed meats and veggie dogs?

Source: Elite Daily

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