Looking at these pictures, would you believe that this supermodel is really 51-years-old? A toned tummy, enviable cleavage and long, lean legs make Elle Macpherson the ultimate #goals for fitness and vitality.

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Stunning on the beaches of the Bahamas, Elle has a sun kissed glow and virtually ageless skin. Her figure rivals that of women half her age, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Bounding along the sands, Elle makes us wonder just how she has stayed so flawless after 30 years in the spotlight. Nicknamed “The Body” when she first stepped on the modelling scene, she exclusively reveals how she takes care of her sought-after frame.

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The flawless mother of two says she has used alternative medicine such as reflexology and acupuncture to relieve stress and balance her body. She eats locally grown organic produce and lean protein from fish and plant-based powders.

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“I believe in wellness and maintenance, which to me means “easy does it all year long”. It’s really simple: eat vegetables, fruits and lean protein, a little bit of dark chocolate – if that’s what you like – and lots of water. Red meat, wheat and dairy don’t work for me.” Elle explains. “Every morning, I do 45 minutes of exercise or body work or stretching.”

The gorgeous blonde also takes very good care of her skin. She exfoliates regularly and protects her complexion from harmful UV rays. This routine has kept her skin tight, wrinkle free and healthy.

What are your thoughts on Elle’s amazing figure? Share your own anti aging secrets with us!

Source: Daily Mail

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