To our community,

On Monday we began the difficult process of moving thousands of our BodyRockers from Sweatflix to BodyRockPlus. Moving this many profiles to a new platform is an enormous task, even if the data is simple.

In our case, after nearly seven years of building up our base, you have all signed up for different subscriptions types through our various promotions, and the task was exceptionally hard for our partners. This is also why the transition has been delayed for two weeks.

97% of the process went incredibly smoothly, and for that we call this migration a huge success. The 3% who have been temporarily left out of this move are understandably upset and confused. I can tell you we are leveraging every single member of our combined teams to get each and every one of you through that gate.

We have not increased your fees. Everyone will pay the same rate they've always paid. We have not left you behind. What we have done is made the difficult decision to move to a platform that offers you an experience that you deserve. This experience will include live classes, real-time workouts, interactions with our hosts and trainers, and so much more. We are excited about this platform, and you will be too.

These are growing pains. Stay with us. Don't jump ship just as we're about to set sail on an amazing journey together.

Frederick Light, CEO

Some Instructions:

Here are a few reminders which can smooth the process.

1. Do not make a separate account manually. If you are having trouble logging in to please email

2. Please be patient with our Customer Service department. They have received your email, and will reply as soon as they are able. Due to an increase in demand, a delay of 24 hours can be expected.

3. You have received an email of instructions for how to log in to your new BodyRock+ account. Please search your folders and trash for this email from us before you message Customer Service. If you have unsubscribed to our emails, you will not have received our email.

Here is the basis of that email below:

Based on where you paid for your plan (Web or Mobile App), refer to the below details.

Remember all users will be able to access Apps as well as the Website, Roku, Chromecast etc regardless of which platform you subscribed from.

  • Desktop users

You will receive an 'invite user' email that will include your login & password to the new platform (

Please use the login credentials and sign in on this page

Your Login details will no longer work on

Please check your spam folder too. In case you didn’t receive this email, please go on the above sign-in link & click "forgot password." Complete the steps that follow.

  • App users

All iOS app users will need to restore their purchase from the app store. 

Here are the steps on how to do it.

Make sure, you search for Bodyrockplus in the App store & not Sweatflix, as we have rebranded.

All Android users payment will be moved to the web in order to grandfather them under their current plans. You should receive an email from us regarding your login info.

Not sure what all the fuss is about?

Well, get on it! We have over 1200 Fitness classes and workout challenges for every level of fitness. Jump into a program or browse around for a series that works for you! SIGN UP NOW...and get our current rate of $19.99 per month!