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"My major turning point was when I didn't want to be in any pictures and I noticed I was missing from all family group pictures. Finally, I decided to do something and now I'm so much happier. I am down 30lbs and am working on maintaining and building lean muscle. All thanks to BodyRock!"


"Practiced strength holds tonight. I was totally shocked with how long I could hold these poses! It's all because of the BodyRock trainers and their amazing abilities to construct workouts that push you to your limits! I've developed so much strength from all areas of the body because of these trainers!! Thanks guys!!!"


"Smashed Day 2 of the Dailly HIIT! Not too bad for a 59 year old Gramma with lots of titanium and bolts holding my joints together! FYI: INVEST IN THE MEAL PLANS & VEST, BODYROCKERS: they took my workouts to a new level, building muscle while leaning me out =)"


"For nearly 20 weeks I have been working out with you. I went from 58% body fat, to about 36%. I can play at the park with my daughter, like it's nothing. I can fit into my clothes and feel comfortable. I have muscle definition that I haven't had since my early 20's. I can squat down and pick up things off the floor without groaning. Fitness is a struggle. Weight loss is a struggle. But the motivation, the workouts, the improvements on my physique all keep me going. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't found BodyRock. I do know, that when I started, I was at easily 260 lbs, depressed, and without direction. I have direction now. I have something I look forward to, everyday. Thank you, a thousand times, thank you."