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At BodyRock.Tv we believe that movement has the ability to change everything. We are all here looking for a transformation. The kind of fitness training that we focus on here at BodyRock.Tv changes more than just the physical body. Yes, you will absolutely see gains, and your body composition will change in ways that will bring out levels of confidence never imagined, but you might be shocked to discover how good it actually feels to move, and how that will heighten your emotional well being. Moving just feels good, and YES the glutes gains and stronger core you get from this coaching is a great bonus!

It doesn’t matter if you are all new to working out, back after a break, or a bad ass BodyRocker, we hope that you are inspired by the moves and coaching that we’ve put together for you.

A strong core is for everyone!

First and foremost, having a strong core does not require having visible, six pack abs. You can have dynamic strength, agility and a strong core foundation without having visible abs. If your goal is a six-pack, we support you and all of this will apply to that quest, but for everyone else, what we’ve put together here for you is equally and perhaps more valuable.

A strong Powerhouse Core. Did you know? The core is a powerful dynamo of muscles that includes more than just your abs. The core actually covers ALL the muscles that connect the pelvis and spine. It goes all the way from glutes to your shoulders (front & back). A strong core is the foundation of all your movements, in the gym and when you are moving through normal life. If you are looking for a full-body transformation, a strong core is the starting point, which is why we tend to focus down on it in all of our BodyRock.Tv workout classes.


3 of the best exercises that will ignite your core.

We've included beginner exercise modifications. Tammy takes you through a quick 2 minute tutorial.


Why core strength matters.

A lot of people focus on the core just to try and flatten their tummy’s or bring some extra tone and tightening. Nothing wrong with wanting a hotter looking core, but the actual benefits go way further:


Why core strength matters.

A lot of people focus on the core just to try and flatten their tummy’s or bring some extra tone and tightening. Nothing wrong with wanting a hotter looking core, but the actual benefits go way further:


You will avoid pain and injury. A strong core is one of the best ways to avoid injury, especially as you get older. A stronger core will help keep your knees and hips working properly, which are perks that will help you not just get in better shape, but stay that way over the long haul. Research ha kids s shown that women with stronger core engagement have better control over their knees while exercising, which helps prevent ACL tears.


Your Posture will Improve a lot. The muscles that form your core are wrapped supportingly around your spine, which you got it, helps with posture. Standing up straight with your shoulders back signals not just to the world but yourself that you are someone worth taking seriously, and improving your core strength will have a dramatic impact on how you present.


You will be better at everything you do that requires movement. This is a big statement, and delivering on it will change your life. No matter if it’s hauling groceries, going for a walk, playing a sport, lifting your kids up - whatever life throws at you - having functional core strength will make everything easier and improve your overall performance.


Strength training (Resistance training)

One of the best ways to train your core and shed unwanted body fat.

It’s a bit crazy that in 2021, we still need to reassure women that strength training won’t turn them into the Incredible Hulk. Here at BodyRock.Tv we’ve been touting the undeniable benefits of strength training for women since 2008. If you are looking to jump start your fitness, the sooner you start to strength train the sooner your exercise routine will start to deliver the body shaping results your are looking for way faster than just cardio alone.

We are not asking you to give up on the bike or treadmill, but what we can promise, is the day that you start consistently showing the bar and weights some love is the day you will experience a sweaty cardio session WITH the added benefit of toning your body. It’s the ultimate 2 for 1 double play for your body - cardio and resistance, which will build long, lean muscles, strength, agility and endurance.

Nothing burns fat like long, lean muscles, and it has the added bonus of the after burn, which unlike cardio, keeps your body burning calories at an elevated rate for hours and hours after you finish your workout.

The weight room can be a bit intimidating if you are new to strength training, which is why we’ve included a full 30 minute strength training class below that you can try at home or anywhere you like to exercise.

Benefits of Strength Training


Burns body fat like a furnace. As you build lean muscle, your resting metabolic rate increases, which means that your body will be burning more calories at rest. Match this up with a some nutritional tweaks to get the best possible results.


Strong Bones. Consistent strength training can increase bone density and increase the overall strength of the connective tissues around your joints.


Strength Training can help alleviate depression. Studies have shown that strength training can actually improve low mood, and feelings of worthlessness.

Strength Training Tips for Beginners


Start with a weight that feels comfortable. Use your best judgement to figure out what works for you. Practice a few reps of each move before you do your workout. How does the weight feel in your hands? If its too light, you will get the sense that you are throwing the weights around. You want to feel a nice bit of resistance - a great test is to do 10 reps of whatever strength exercise you are practicing. By the 7-8th rep you should be feeling like its getting challenging. By the 10th rep you should be feeling close to gassed out.

The best tools for strength training:

You don’t need to build up an entire home gym to get the benefits of strength training. Here is what we recommend to get started.

The BodyRock Weighted Vest. No matter what kind of shape you are in, our weighted vest is a game changer. Imagine adding strength training resistance to every move your body makes! The best part is that it’s hands free resistance, so you can still grab a weight, use your hands for balance, all while optimizing any movement for calorie burn, strength and added resistance. You can wear it on a walk, bike ride, for all of your training activities. We strongly suggest starting with a 6lb vest, even if you are an advanced worker outer. Since it’s initial launch in 2015, our vest has been redesigned over a dozen times, and now has a machine washable shell.

For weights, nothing beats the BodyRock Sculpt Bar, which comes with 35 lbs of plates - enough weight to rock your strength training workout. This set has been designed specifically for home and outdoor use.

Resistance bands. The Pink Thing is our all in one resistance band. You can use it to replicate all the strength movements that a bar and weights or dumbbells allow. For joining us here we would like to offer you a free pink thing with the purchase of either our vest or Sculpt Bar.


Make sure and do a warm up. We’ve included a full warm up in the free strength training class below.


Don’t push too hard. End your exercise sets before you fully gas out. You want to be hitting 8-9 /10 intensity by the end of each round.


The Workout Class

Now that we’ve given you the breakdown on how and why you should train your core, we’ve prepared this workout class for you that will guide you through a core focused strength training workout with our trainer Tammy.

Tammy is a mother of two, and has worked hard to bring back her core strength after having her kids. She is going to lead you through a 30 minute workout starting with a warm up, and ending with a nice stretch.

You can do this workout in your living room, or anywhere that you have a bit of space to move around.

Equipment To Rock Your Core

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