We asked the Dads in our community to tell us how they lost weight, and why. This is what one Dad sent in. How he made this transformation is unusual...and it works.

BR: So how long did this take you and what did you do?

"I did this in 4 months."

"I was really tired of just being...tired. I lost 50 LBs since Christmas. I would get home from work, and have to lay on the couch for most of the night. In the morning, I would sleep in until the last possible minute. I made the decision to change. And it wasn't about losing weight actually.

"I decided to train my brain, not my body.

"Training my brain started by quitting drinking alcohol on January 1, and starting Intermittent Fasting soon after that. So I eat breakfast at 6:30am and then lunch at 2pm, and make sure we have lots of protein and healthy carbs. I started on the 12 hour fast, but the 8/16 split was a game changer."

"After that, it all just came easy.

"I lost a ton of weight and saw muscle definition really early on. It helps to have all the workout equipment at home, right in the living room."

BR: So what are your workouts like?


"I do a lot of repetition, and I lift heavy. Anything you can find on BodyRock+ is good for that kind of workout. All the gear I use is BodyRock gear."

BR: One last question, why did you want to lose the weight?

"Honestly, that's just a side benefit. I actually was more focused on getting strong, and be tough, mentally. I wanted to become a better Dad, and a better Husband. I wanted to show a healthy lifestyle to my daughter. But mostly I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. You get one life.
I was tired of watching my life go by from the couch. Now I have a lot more energy and my life is just...so much better."

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