Balance Boost Bundle

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Living healthy and fit is all about balance. Eating right, getting your workout routines done, you know the drill. Keep your health, your core, and your wallet in balance with our Balance Boost Bundle!

This bundle includes:

  • Balance Trainer
  • FREE BodyRock Pink Thing

Balance Trainer: Our Balance Trainer combines balance trainer, strength trainer and muscle trainer into one easy to carry size half ball for you. It is made for all fitness levels and can be used for rehabilitation and physical therapy. This multifunction exercise assistant helps core training, balance improvement, and can be incorporated into high-intensity cardio routines for the fitness buff. It is perfect for home, office, gym or outdoor.

FREE BodyRock Pink Thing: The days of having ten resistance bands lying around your living room are over. Instead of risking slap and snap happy injuries with traditional resistance bands, you simply stick your foot/hand in the Pink Thing and enjoy a hassle-free workout!

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Reach your fitness goals

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