Bar Set Plus Gift!

Bar Option:

Get a free gift of the White 30LB Kettlebell, when you buy a full bar & weight set!

We have 3 options to choose from:

M Bar + 15LB Plates: This set comes with our M Bar, or curl bar. It's shorter than the Olympic bar (47 inches long) and it weighs 20LB without plates. Add plates and discover the versatility of having a grooved bar to get even lower with those bench presses. 80LB in total in this set.

Shorty Bar + 15LB Plates: This set comes with our Shorty bar. It's also 42 inches and it weighs 22LB without plates. Does not fit on a rack, but is perfect for lifters who are shorter in stature. 82LB in total in this set.

Olympic Bar + 15LB + 25LB Plates: Our longest and heaviest bar, this is for lifters who want serious weight bearing capacity. Weighing 30LB by itself, our Olympic bar can hold up to 360LB in weight. It's our strongest bar yet, and can take any Olympic sized plates (which have an interior hole of 2 inches in diameter). 110LB total in this set.

Please note: Our BodyRock Weight Plates do NOT fit on these bars, and our Sculpt Bar and Body Bar do NOT work with these weight plates.

We want you to start your fitness journey with us as quickly as possible, that’s why we send every package to the USA & Canada via expedited or standard shipping (whichever is faster) with our partners at FedEx. Once your order has been processed successfully we try to have your shipment prepared within 1-2 business days, and it typically takes 2-4 days to get to you once it leaves our warehouse.

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