Bodyrock Baller Medicine Ball

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  • FOR BEGINNER OR ADVANCED-LEVEL TRAINING: The Body Rock Baller 10Inch Medicine Ball is ideal for everything from wall ball throws to traditional trunk twists, squats, sit-ups and presses to improve endurance, explosiveness and core strength. It is available in a variety of weights for Beginner to Advanced Training.
  • BUILT TO WITHSTAND HEAVY-DUTY USE: The Body Rock Baller is handcrafted with a moisture and scuff resistant vinyl shell. The durable, reinforced seam construction allows Body Rock Baller to withstand heavy-duty use.
  • SOFT, EASY-TO-GRIP CONSTRUCTION: Body Rock Baller features an interior filling that helps the ball keep its shape, and is forgiving enough to safely catch high-speed throws or bounces. It's easy-to-grip construction allows you to keep hold of the Ball - no matter how hard you sweat.
  • As the leaders in functional training, our mission is to empower you in your pursuit of better. We've developed the world's best training equipment, workout programs, and education courses to help you push, pull, squat and lunge your way to a better version of yourself.

Praised by celebrity trainers and athletic coaches as being one of the most game-changing pieces of fitness equipment available, our BodyRock Medicine Ball delivers high-velocity gains at any fitness level. 

Unlike other medicine balls on the market that are made of cheap rubber and plastics, the BodyRock medicine ball is crafted from soft leather, and padded so that it won’t cause bruising when exercising, or damage your floors. It also impacts surfaces with less noise which makes it absolutely perfect for home use, and a must have for home gyms. 

Develop more strength and better cardiovascular health, speed, agility, coordination, flexibility and balance! 

The BodyRock Medicine Ball will also help you level-up your core workouts and burn more fat during strength and plyometric training.

Medicine Ball weight: 10lbs
Material: Soft leather
Color: Black or White

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