BodyRock Pink Thing

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For The Workout You Want, Whenever And Wherever You Want It

“Yeah, just bring me the, whatchamacallit, the Pink Thing.”

Introducing the Pink Thing, an all-in-one resistance band that doesn’t care what you call it.

The Pink Thing doesn’t care where you use it. Now you can replicate any gym-based exercise at home. In the yard. On the road. Wherever.

The Pink Thing doesn’t care where you’re at in your fitness journey. Want an easy day? Or to level up your workout? Pick the tension that’s right for you.

And the Pink Thing doesn’t care what day it is. Leg day? Arm day? Sunday? Use the multiple grips however you want, or even with both hands and legs at once, to get it done.

The Pink Thing’s thing is making sure you feel good about you. It’s versatile, portable, and washable, so you can get the workout you want, whenever and wherever you want it.

Does it even matter if you know what every weight machine in the gym is called? Or that you even go to a gym to get your workout in?

Nah. Just grab the Pink Thing, and do you.


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Here’s what working out with traditional resistance bands feels like: You start your workout and wrap the resistance band around your foot. The “Oh my God, it’s going to fly right into my face now’’ thought is going through your mind with every repetition you make.

Then you’re getting stressed out and try all your different bands to find the right intensity. But it’s always either too easy... or too dangerous.

At the end of the day, you just want to get a good burn and not stress out about your workouts. Truth is, your resistance bands don’t like that.

Which is why we designed the all-in-one resistance band, the Pink Thing. Using it, you can easily change the tension if you need it easier or harder during the workout. Using multiple grips at once, you can workout using both hands/legs, making it two resistance bands in one. Meaning double the burn, in half the time.

Reach your fitness goals