BodyRock Weighted HIIT Exercise Vest

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Make Your Move Where You Want With The BodyRock Weighted Vest. Can’t fit in regular trips to the gym? The only classes you like all the way across town? You deserve a fitness setup that sets you up for success.

Introducing the BodyRock Weighted Vest, a simple solution for improving your speed, strength, and stamina in one comfortable, form-fitting vest.

● Feel like you can barely fit in time for fitness? Make the most of the time you do have with a vest that’s made to fit a woman’s body in motion.
● Don’t have time to master some ancient training techniques? The BodyRock Weighted Vest offers easy, hands-free resistance training with a simplicity that’s ideal for both workout beginners and exercise enthusiasts.
● Looking for gym-quality workouts on the go? Turn any movement into a strength training exercise with this 6lb weighted vest, available in four attractive colors.
● Like to build muscle while you burn? Just snap on the BodyRock Weighted Vest for an effective way to build long, lean muscle, increase your calorie burn, and crank up the satisfaction.
The BodyRock Weighted Vest is designed to let you workout whenever and however you like, whether you’re always on the go or just prefer the comfort of home. Ready to give it a try? Order yours today!

Select your Weighted Vest color & weight (6L, 8LB, 10LB or 12LB).


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