Fast & Furiously Fit Starter Kit

$99 $259

This is the hard-hitting gear you need to create your strongest, most shredded body yet. Lift heavy. Sculpt every inch. Rev up your results, max out your lean muscle mass and get the most from every sweaty second of your workout.

Bundle includes:

  • Pink thing resistance band
  • Weighted Vest (Your choice)
  • NEW FFF Nutrition Guide
  • Fast & Furiously Fit Complete First Season 

Pink Thing: Max out your resistance training with these unassuming but super amazing resistance bands. The Pink Thing allows you to tap into the power of continual resistance for next-level total body sculpting and strengthening.

Weighted Vest (choice): Simply slip on the vest to instantly increase your metabolic burn. Wear it during your workout to help build a leaner, fitter body, and wear it around the house or out on walks to burn more calories all day!

FFF Complete Meal Guide & First Season Workouts: Packed with the nutrition guides our trainer, Sean, uses plus lifetime access to his ground breaking Fast & Furiously Fit Season One. Providing you with all the guidance you need to get your diet on point and your training on track—and you can do it all from home.  

Don't stop there... Want to get absolute max results? Consider the most popular add-on piece of equipment ever. Our revolutionary HEX dumbbells'.

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