There are two types of single women in the world: the ones who want a partner and the ones who need one. The ones who want a partner are the choosy, articulate kind. The women who want but do not need are the ones who are so comfortable and confident with their sense of self, that any person that comes into their life has to be worthy of their time. They may want to date, but they have a criteria before they let anyone in.

needing a man to be happy

The women who need a man are the women who are hunting for a relationship at all costs. They have not established their sense of self worth, they just want to be with someone. These are the women who let men in too soon and seem to be in a constant pattern of one-and-done dates or two week relationships that burn up in flames.

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Here are some ways to spot if you are, in fact, a women who needs or if you are women who wants.

  • Needing is when you’ll take any person; wanting is when you’ll only let the right one in
  • Needing is surrendering your power; wanting is empowering
  • Needing is spending your week obsessing over them; wanting is seeing them that week and enjoying your time together
  • Needing is asking to be a doormat; wanting is refusing to jump through hoops
  • Needing destroys you; wanting heals you
  • Needing is doing anything to please this man; wanting is being pleased by what this man is doing
  • Needing means you are lonely; wanting means you are ready

It may be hard when you feel needy to resist jumping into a new fling with a new man, but when you are in this stage of life you need to step back and work on yourself. Take time, get to know your needs, build your self-confident and fix your past demons that cause you to revert to the same relationship patterns. It will be very rewarding once you are at a point in life when you can choose a man who fits your needs.

What are your thoughts on this issue? How have you worked on yourself to improve your relationship experiences?

Source: Elite Daily

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