If you’re someone who’s ever struggled with weight loss, you may have held out hope that a miracle weight loss pill to help you out. Countless dieters have turned to weight loss supplements which are often touted as ‘miracle pills’ to get the results they desire. But these quick fixes could be doing a serious detriment to your health.

Let’s get one thing cleared up right away. There is no supplement, powder or pill that can shed fat from your body without you making a change to your diet and exercise plan. Even with the inclusion of a weight loss supplement, little to no extra weight is shed. There has never been an informercial diet aid that really worked, no matter how many bottles the ad claimed were sold.

As for the supplements themselves, the diet aid industry is largely unregulated. Many ‘herbal’ or ‘natural’ labeled pills are anything but, and cause your body harm.

“None of these products has been adequately studied, and any or all might be harmful.” says Dr. Morton Tavel, clinical professor emeritus at Indiana University School of Medicine.

The ingredients often contain little of the promoted ‘herb’ or natural compound on the package. In some cases, supplements have been known to cause severe reactions with medications or have traces of stimulants that created heart and blood pressure problems.

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Do you agree? Have you ever experienced a health concern while taking a weight loss supplement?

Source: The San Diego Union Tribune