Chances are you spend a large portion of your day sitting. It’s an unfortunate, and often unavoidable, fact of life in our modern world. Between looking at a computer all day, commuting to and from the office, and unwinding on the sofa — it adds up! Unfortunately, all this time spent being sedentary isn’t doing you, or your butt, any favors!

Sitting for hours on end can cause your glutes to go to sleep. This may not seem like a big deal but they are a very important set of muscles and impact the health and functioning of your entire body!


Spending your days parked on your backside can make a real mess of your hip flexors. When this muscle group becomes tight, it can throw off your posture, prevent proper pelvis rotation, and lead to back pain. If your pelvis can’t rotate forward in the proper way, it can cause compression in your lower back, causing  pain. And the pain doesn’t end there. If your hips, pelvis, and glutes aren’t working as they should, you could experience pain in your knees and ankles. Think about it, your glutes are a massive group of muscles that can handle a lot of work. When they aren’t doing their job, that work shifts to other, less equipped, areas of the body.

As if all that pain weren’t bad enough, sitting too much can actually change the shape of your butt! When all you want is a tight, round booty, it can be disheartening to learn that over time, sitting can actually make your rear end appear flat!

But don’t lose all hope! There is plenty you can do to counteract all that sitting!

First, make adjustments to your desk chair so that you can sit with proper posture. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your hips should be slightly above your knees. Make sure your back is being supported by the back of the chair or with a pillow. Sit upright, keeping your head directly over your shoulders. If it is possible, elevate your computer screen to eye level to prevent your head from dropping forward. Sit as close as you can to your desk to ensure that you are not reaching for your keyboard. While you are working, or whenever you think of it, get your glutes in on the action. Give them a little squeeze to keep them awake and help prevent atrophy.

Second, get your body moving! Hitting regular workouts is still the best way to avoid long term damage from sitting. But that doesn’t just mean focusing on your glutes! Strengthening your core can help your posture and alignment, increasing the effectiveness of your booty exercises.

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